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3 cm draft

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diff --git a/src/mtg/3cm.html b/src/mtg/3cm.html @@ -0,0 +1,48 @@ +<h1>3 Card Magic</h1> +<p>3 Card Magic is a game of Magic: The Gathering with decks that consist of only three cards. Sometimes it is referred to as "3 card blind".</p> +<p>In 3 card magic, games are played in round robin. Each deck plays against each other deck, and games are deterministic. Each deck plays with full knowledge of the other and perfect play.</p> +<p>I am now revitalizing 3CM and will be running events! If you're interested in playing scroll to the bottom of this page (TODO LINK)</p> +<h2>A history of 3 Card Magic</h2> +<p>I've been playing 3 Card Magic since 2007. I've played on the Wizards of the +Coast forums, another small forum, and various other places.</p> +<p>I attempted to find archives of the Wizards of the Coast community forums, the +first place I am aware of that played 3CM. I personally played in 2007-2009, +and was able to find a few threads on the internet archive, but not a full one. +If you have any leads on this, please let me know.</p> +<p>After Wotc +24 seasons at No Goblins Allowed. Here is the last thread I found, which links to each previous one: +<ul> +<li><a href=";t=17968">No Goblins Allowed</a></li> +</ul> +</p> +<p>On MTG Salvation, there were "3 card blind" threads. I know little about these.</p> +<h2>My philosophy</h2> +<p>I am a 3cm purist -- I am most interested in "vanilla" 3 Card Magic, rather +than variations. Magic is a complex enough game that even without additional +restrictions, I think a simply dynamic banned list is enough to make 3CM interesting. </p> +<h2>Other writing on 3CM </h2> +<ul> +<li><a href="">andymakesgames 3 card blind</a></li> +</ul> +<h2>Play 3CM Today</h2> +<p>I am reviving 3 Card Magic. +<ul> +<li><a href="">Discord Invite</a></li> +</ul> +</p> +<p>You can also participate my emailing me directly, with the subject line "3 Card Magic: Round X" at</p> +<p>The goal of the banned list will be to try and come up with a balanced format. +I don't think that previous 3CM games have been able to do this. After many, +many games of 3cm, I am of the (admittedly not universally shared) opinion that +Black Lotus warps the for opinion that Black Lotus warps the format and sould +be banned. The banned list will evolve over time to try and come up with a +balanced format. I'm not aware of any attempts before at discovering what a +"balanced" 3cm format is, ie, one that allows for a wide diversity of decks and +innovation. I think most existing banned list are based on black lotus being unbanned ,so we are going to start small and expand from there.</p> +<pre><code>Strip Mine +Wasteland +Blackmail +Chancellor of the Annex +Leyline of Anticipation +Thassa's Oracle +</code></pre>