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diff --git a/src/writing/cars.html b/src/writing/cars.html @@ -0,0 +1,33 @@ +<h1>No Cars</h1> +<p>I have not owned a car since 2016, when I graduated college. I now live in New +York, specifically: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in a place that has the least +car-centric infrastructure of any place I've lived. Even the difference between +living in Brooklyn and a place like San Francisco or Chicago is striking. I +did not own a car either of those cities, but I still knew people who owned +cars, I occasionally used rideshare, and felt like the city was more or less +built around cars, with a transit "option".</p> +<p>Since I moved into this apartment two months ago, I have not been in a car a +single time, and with my lifestyle as it is, I can do this with only mild +inconvenience. I can get anywhere I want to go in New York in the subway, which +both runs 24 hours and is quite normal and safe to take late at night. I've +been setting a challenge to myself to see how long I can go without being in a +car. I've been surprised by how easy it's been so far.</p> +<p>Within just two city blocks, I live by five grocery stores, one of which is on my +block. Most of the places I lived in Chicago and San Francisco, it took me a 15 +minutes to go to a decently-sized grocery. I go to the closest one, at the end +of my block, probably every single day.</p> +<p>New York is a lively and vibrant city, and I'd assert that one key reason for +this is that it is the one and only city in America that isn't built around +cars. The closest city I've experienced is San Francisco, which mostly gets +away with the fact that it's relatively small and highly walkable, even though +its intra-city transit is actually quite mediocre. </p> +<p>Not having a car, an extremely expensive, enormously wasteful machine, is +somehow a luxury in America, when it should be the complete opposite. +This is because automobile infrastructure was not built by consumer demand, but +rather forced upon this country by policy. Building a city around cars is just +about the most irrational thing you can to by almost any measure, and yet +America has chosen to do this nearly everywhere. </p> +<p>I have chosen to abstain from having a car, and it has guided a lot of major +decisions in my life (e.g. where to live). I hope to continue this as long as +is reasonably possible, but America unfortunately makes this quite difficult. I +strive in my personal and political life to try and build a different world,</p> diff --git a/src/writing/misc.html b/src/writing/misc.html @@ -2,3 +2,5 @@ <p>Miscellaneous writing, may categorize this more as time goes on</p> <a href="/writing/chair.html">chairs and chair alternatives</a> +<br> +<a href="/writing/cars.html">no cars</a>