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diff --git a/src/mtg/3cm-history.html b/src/mtg/3cm-history.html @@ -1,24 +0,0 @@ -<h1>A (WIP) History of 3 Card Magic</h1> -<a href="3cm.html">Play 3 Card Magic today</a> -<h2>A history of 3 Card Magic</h2> -<p>I've been playing 3 Card Magic since 2007. I've played on the Wizards of the -Coast forums, another small forum, and various other places.</p> -<p>I attempted to find archives of the Wizards of the Coast community forums, the -first place I am aware of that played 3CM. I personally played in 2007-2009, -and was able to find a few threads on the internet archive, but not a full one. -If you have any leads on this, please let me know.</p> -<p>After Wotc -24 seasons at No Goblins Allowed. Here is the last thread I found, which links to each previous one: -<ul> -<li><a href="">No Goblins Allowed</a></li> -</ul> -</p> -<p>On MTG Salvation, there were "3 card blind" threads. I know little about these.</p> -<h2>My philosophy</h2> -<p>I am a 3cm purist -- I am most interested in "vanilla" 3 Card Magic, rather -than variations. Magic is a complex enough game that even without additional -restrictions, I think a simply dynamic banned list is enough to make 3CM interesting. </p> -<h2>Other writing on 3CM </h2> -<ul> -<li><a href="">andymakesgames 3 card blind</a></li> -</ul> diff --git a/src/mtg/3cm.html b/src/mtg/3cm.html @@ -1,57 +0,0 @@ -<h1>3 Card Magic</h1> -<p>3 Card Magic is a Magic: The Gathering format with decks that consist of only three cards. Sometimes it is referred to as "3 Card Blind".</p> -<p>I've found various forms of 3 Card Magic since the mid 2000s. For more information, see <a href="3cm-history.html">A history of 3 Card Magic</a>.</p> - -<h2>Detailed Rules</h2> -<h3>Deckbuilding</h3> -<p>Each player creates a deck of three Magic: the Gathering cards, excluding cards on the banned list, and submits it anonymously to the admin.</p> - -<h3>Gameplay</h3> -<p>After the round is closed, each deck plays against each other deck twice, once -going first and once going second. Normal Magic rules apply to a game of 3CM, -except for the following exceptions:</p> - -<ul> - <li>Players don't lose the game for drawing from an empty library.</li> - <li>If the original source of a random effect (i.e. coinflip) comes from one player's deck, the other player chooses its outcome.</li> - <li>Effects that get cards from outside the game (Wishes, Research // Development, Ring of Ma'ruf) cannot be used to find anything.</li> -</ul> - -Games are played with the contents of both decks known to each player at all times. Players will always play optimally and to win. - -<h3>Scoring</h3> -<p> -When the round is closed, a table of all the decks and matchups is -posted, to be filled in by the players. Players are encouraged to double-check -the matchups graded by other players, since mistakes are often made when -complicated decks are involved. A win is worth 3 points, a draw is 1 point, and -a loss is 0 points. -</p> - -<h2>How to play</h2> -<ul> -<li><a href="">Discord Invite</a></li> -</ul> -<p>You can also participate my emailing me directly, with the subject line "3 Card Magic: Round X" at</p> -<p>The goal of the banned list will be to try and come up with a balanced format. -I don't think that previous 3CM games have been able to do this. After many, -many games of 3cm, I am of the (admittedly not universally shared) opinion that -Black Lotus warps the for opinion that Black Lotus warps the format and sould -be banned. The banned list will evolve over time to try and come up with a -balanced format. I'm not aware of any attempts before at discovering what a -"balanced" 3cm format is, ie, one that allows for a wide diversity of decks and -innovation. I think most existing banned list are based on black lotus being unbanned ,so we are going to start small and expand from there.</p> -<pre><code> -All cards banned in Vintage -Strip Mine -Black Lotus -Wasteland -Blackmail -Chancellor of the Annex -Leyline of Anticipation -Thassa's Oracle -</code></pre> - -TBD as this evolves. Round results will be posted entirely on this website in table form. -<br> -I am still setting things up. Feel free to subscribe to the <a href="~aw/">Mailing List</a> or join the discord for updates on the first round. TODO RSS feed