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      1 <h1>About</h1>
      2 <p>Hello, I am Alex (he/him). I write and have written poetry, nonfiction and
      3 prose, and my current primary interests are exploring alternatives to
      4 mainstream software and computing (details below) and their ability to build
      5 creative, cooperative, non-commercial relationships and communities. </p>
      6 <p><b>Elsewhere Online</b></p>
      7 <ul>
      8   <li> <a href="">git</a> </li>
      9   <li> <a href="">github</a> (using less and less lately)</li>
     10   <li> <a href="">mastodon</a> </li>
     11   <li> <a href="">twitch</a> </li>
     12   <li> <a href="">youtube</a> </li>
     13 </ul>
     14 <img src="/img/me.jpg" alt="" />
     15 <p>I studied Physics and English at Truman State University in Kirksville,
     16 Missouri graduating in 2016, lived in Chicago for four years, then San
     17 Francisco for two. I currently live in Brooklyn, NYC. I published the poetry
     18 book Harm (2016) through Bottlecap Press, and have self-published and locally
     19 distributed three chapbooks since then. Reach out if you'd like a physical
     20 copy. My poetry has appeared in Prelude, Tenderness Lit and Peach Mag, among
     21 elsewhere.</p>
     22 <p>I believe strongly in non-commercial, collaboratively-produced free and open
     23 source software. I believe computers, predominately, have become primarily
     24 instruments of increasing bureaucratization, domination and control, and this
     25 ideology pervades even "alternative" tech. I believe that a more radical
     26 re-evaluation of computing and its role in our world is necessary. I do not
     27 take a pessimistic outlook here: I believe these technologies exist and can be
     28 built.</p>
     29 <p>Some of my current technical interests, currently, are:
     30 <ul>
     31 <li><a href="">Dusk OS</a></li>
     32 <li><a href="">uxn</a></li>
     33 <li><a href="">permacomputing</a></li>
     34 <li><a href="">nanomail</a></li>
     35 </ul>
     36 </p>
     37 <p>Some of my "finished" projects:
     38 <ul>
     39 <li><a href=""></a></li>
     40 <li><a href="">crabmail mailing list archive</a></li>
     41 <li><a href="">poetry</a></li>
     42 </ul>
     43 </p>
     44 <p>I'm also deeply interested in philosophy, literature, political organizing, and art.</p>
     45 <p>I recently moved to NYC and am interested in meeting people and communities with similar interests and am happy to get in touch. Contact information is in the site footer.</p>