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      1 <h1>Tech Stuff</h1>
      3 <p>
      4 I am a technologist by trade and by passion. Networked computing defines our
      5 era in serious and often concerning ways. I believe that we need a new
      6 relationship to technology, one which is holistic and sustainable. Computing
      7 today is largely defined by an ideology of extraction, exploitation and
      8 domination, and I'm interested in tools that help us escape that ideology,
      9 technology that allows for new forms of relating to each other and to our
     10 environment.</p>
     12 <ul>
     13   <li><a href="">permacomputing</a></li>
     14   <li><a href="">damaged earth catalogue</a></li>
     15 </ul>
     17 <p>
     18 Lately, I'm primarily interested in C, Forth and small virtual machines. I'm following closely the development and future of <a href="">Dusk OS</a>.</p>
     20 <p>Some of my <a href="">projects</a>. Writing about technology:</p>
     22 <ul>
     23   <li><a href="duskos-1.html">Getting Started With Dusk OS</a></li>
     24 </ul>