Advent of code solutions in UF forth
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Forth AOC

Watch me live on twitch each day at Midnight EST trying to do this challenge! Or watch VODs on YouTube

Advent of Code solutions in UF forth

Forth is a stack-based programming language. It is extremely small. UF is a Forth targeting the uxn/varvara virtual computer.

2021 was me playing around. Doing 2022 live

A notable challenge will be that I only have access to 64kb of memory.

To run each solution (after building or acquiring uxn and the ufx.rom from the uf repo):

cat ##[a/b].f input.txt | uxncli ufx.rom

Each day is split into two parts for simplicity. Code may be heavily duplicated.

Use uxnemu for visual solutions (I'll call them out)