Convert Box's proprietary Box Notes to HTML, Markdown, or plain text
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ boxnotes2html is a tool to convert Box Notes to html, markdown or plain text ![after](img/after.png) +If you or your institution got value out of this script, please consider making a [donation](! I created and maintain this script for free in my free time. + ## Rationale Box Notes are a proprietary, undocumented format, which makes them difficult to export or move to another service. According to this [support ticket]( the official way in which they meet GDPR compliance is through allowing users to print the notes page as a PDF when it's open in a web browser. Another option is to Copy/paste the document into LibreOffice, Google Docs, Microsoft Word or some other text-editing program. Neither of these are very attractive options when exporting a large number of Box Notes, say, for archival/backup purposes or in the process of migrating to another platform.