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diff --git a/src/ b/src/ @@ -0,0 +1,46 @@ +// Take an iterator of emails and build a thread +// jmap threading algorithm +// For new implementations, it is +// suggested that two messages belong in the same Thread if both of the +// following conditions apply: + +// 1. An identical message id [RFC5322] appears in both messages in any +// of the Message-Id, In-Reply-To, and References header fields. +// 2. After stripping automatically added prefixes such as "Fwd:", +// "Re:", "[List-Tag]", etc., and ignoring white space, the subjects +// are the same. This avoids the situation where a person replies +// to an old message as a convenient way of finding the right +// recipient to send to but changes the subject and starts a new +// conversation. + +// If messages are delivered out of order for some reason, a user may +// have two Emails in the same Thread but without headers that associate +// them with each other. The arrival of a third Email may provide the +// missing references to join them all together into a single Thread. +// Since the "threadId" of an Email is immutable, if the server wishes +// to merge the Threads, it MUST handle this by deleting and reinserting +// (with a new Email id) the Emails that change "threadId". + +// A *Thread* object has the following properties: + +// o id: "Id" (immutable; server-set) + + +// The id of the Thread. + +// o emailIds: "Id[]" (server-set) + +// The ids of the Emails in the Thread, sorted by the "receivedAt" +// date of the Email, oldest first. If two Emails have an identical +// date, the sort is server dependent but MUST be stable (sorting by +// id is recommended). + +use mail_parser::Message; + +fn Index { +} + +impl Index { + fn build(emails: impl Iterator<Item = Message>) -> Self { + } +}