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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,47 +1,15 @@ # crabmail -Simple, readonly mailing list archive. +A static mail HTML archive for the 21st century, written in Rust. Includes helpful "modern" features that existing solutions lack, like: -An html mail archive, written in Rust. Similar to [Hypermail]( +* Responsive UI +* Single-page threads +* Working mailto: links +* Thread-based Atom feeds -## Design -Crabmail is built for simplicity, ease of hosting, and longevity. +EMAIL FOREVER! -* Read-only: does not handle sending out emails, only displaying an archive. Updates to the archive can be followed via RSS. This greatly simplifies operational burden -* Static: ... -* Brutalist: Crabmail accepts email as-is, including its limitations, rather than trying to hide or obscure the underlying protocols - -## Why? - -Despite decades of technological development, mailing lists persist as part of -the internet's infrastructure. Projects such as python, Go, postgresql, Linux, -etc, all rely on self-hosted mailing lists for their development. Mailing lists -are stable, persistent, and open to all. If you use a mailing list, you don't -have to worry about a platform closing, removing a key feature, or taking -actions that are against your values. Mailing lists are simple and based on -open standards, and email has enormous existing software infrastructure to -support it. Even in 2021, for many use cases, there exists no better -alternative to email and mailing lists. And unfortunately, many communities -(and even institutions) have moved away from mailing lists and towards - -Unfortunately, mailing lists have fallen out of popularity, and many people are -trying to reinvent solutions to problems that mailing lists already solve. In -my view, the problem is that, in many cases, there aren't very many good, -modern options for mailing list software. Existing mailing list archives are -extremely old, largely unmaintained, and lack certain key features. More -"modern" mailing lists, like Discourse, are enormously complex and dificult to -self-host. - - -THIS IS VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT! - -Probably you don't want to work on this until it is more complete - -Ticket tracker until I can get it self hosted: - -[ticket tracker]( - -mailing list until I get it self hosted: +Mailing list until I get it self hosted: [mailing list](