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diff --git a/guide.md b/guide.md @@ -83,5 +83,23 @@ Let's break this command down. p" is a word that says to interpret a string as a Next: Change Dirs, List files, cat/head files +Dusk has two editors: ed and ged. ed is a line-based editor, ged is a +grid-based editor. We will start with ed. If you're not familiar with +line-based editors (I wasn't) this may take some getting used to. The documentation for both are excellent and will cover in more detail than this guide does. + + +Now that we're here, what's the point? Why use this extremely austere system? +Dusk OS gives you a deep understanding of the 'guts' of its sytem. It is not +unreasonable for one individual to understand, articulate and modify everything +that we did today down to the bare metal. This is simply inconceivable in a +modern UNIX system. It gives you a deep level of mastery and connection with +your computer that I think we have lost. You can gain any level of +understanding of Dusk OS that you like -- there are parts that are beyond me at +this point etc. A good place to go further is the [Dusk OS +Documentation](https://oldbytes.space/@rc2014) as well as [Virgil Dupras's +Substack](https://tumbleforth.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=substack_profile). +Some background knowledge in Forth and C are also required. If you lack that, I +recommend "Starting Forth" and "The C Programming Language", respectively. + I'm happy to help and answer questions about Dusk. Feel free to email me at alex@alexwennerberg.com