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2023-07-01 01:11WIP NDS portalex wennerberg6+1069-0
2023-07-06 12:11fs/fat: can create FAT16 volumesVirgil Dupras8+51-44
2023-07-06 10:33Fix PC and RPi targetsVirgil Dupras3+4-4
2023-07-06 03:49cos: z80 assembler compiles and superficially worksVirgil Dupras2+8-4
2023-07-06 03:23cos: begin working on the z80 assemblerVirgil Dupras4+35-13
2023-07-06 02:44cos: wordtblVirgil Dupras3+31-3
2023-07-06 01:35cos: Collapse OS rewrite's first stepsVirgil Dupras19+418-1904
2023-07-06 00:22tests/lib/drive: alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras1+6-6
2023-07-05 23:55Simplify boot sequence and document it betterVirgil Dupras18+95-118
2023-07-05 17:10comp/c: struct sizes are always aligned to 4bVirgil Dupras6+7-14
2023-07-05 15:32posix: optionally use mcopy instead of Dusk's FAT tools if presentVirgil Dupras6+30-7
2023-07-05 14:33arm: add note about a probable alignment bugVirgil Dupras1+4-0
2023-07-05 14:23arm: ALL TESTS PASS!!!Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-07-05 14:22emul/uxn: make more debuggableVirgil Dupras1+42-16
2023-07-05 13:33comp/c: alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras2+3-3
2023-07-05 13:19comp/c: alignment discipline on initcodeVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-07-05 11:18comp/c: add pushret, popret, to switch's _lookup callVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-07-05 11:05comp/c: add pushret, popret, to function prelude/postludeVirgil Dupras1+3-2
2023-07-05 02:32lib/endian: in HAL againVirgil Dupras2+23-16
2023-07-05 00:49Update ROADMAP.md and add HARDWARE.mdVirgil Dupras3+65-15
2023-07-04 23:29comp/c: fix cdecl loss bug on x++ and x--Virgil Dupras4+23-10
2023-07-04 18:41lib/alloc: alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras4+10-6
2023-07-04 18:40arm: guard lblmoverange against 0 lenVirgil Dupras2+8-1
2023-07-04 17:59Add missing [rcnt] reset and pushret, to :8b and :16bVirgil Dupras2+7-4
2023-07-04 17:13hal arm: add missing S bit in &,Virgil Dupras2+8-1
2023-07-04 16:33Have structs enforce alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras10+51-15
2023-07-04 12:39bootlo: move a few words to lib/metaVirgil Dupras2+13-14
2023-07-04 11:23hal: add -@, and -!,Virgil Dupras5+59-9
2023-07-04 10:25hal arm: fix bug with some arithmetics ops and 8b)Virgil Dupras2+12-2
2023-07-04 01:29hal: replace [@+], and [!+], with @+, and !+,Virgil Dupras6+103-127
2023-07-03 23:54hal: allow negative displacement with +)Virgil Dupras5+29-10
2023-07-03 20:01posix: fix bug with compound +)Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-07-03 18:44bootlo: optimize lshift rshiftVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-07-03 18:00hal arm: all of tests/hal passes!Virgil Dupras1+43-33
2023-07-03 17:44hal arm: make /mod, work with <>)Virgil Dupras1+15-1
2023-07-03 17:21hal arm: allow +) to compoundVirgil Dupras1+17-0
2023-07-03 17:05hal arm: add number bank supportVirgil Dupras1+73-49
2023-07-03 01:17hal arm: &) can be applied on m)Virgil Dupras1+5-1
2023-07-03 01:04hal arm: add support for &) and +) in @, and !,Virgil Dupras1+26-15
2023-07-02 21:53hal i386: all tests pass!Virgil Dupras2+10-4
2023-07-02 21:38hal i386: fix <<, with <>) and 16b)Virgil Dupras2+9-2
2023-07-02 20:34hal i386: allow rs+, and ps+, with values larger than $ffVirgil Dupras1+11-15
2023-07-02 19:12hal i386: fix bug with <<, <>) and +)Virgil Dupras2+3-4
2023-07-02 18:55hal i386: support disp32 in +)Virgil Dupras2+24-7
2023-07-02 18:27hal i386: fix bug with <<, >>, and <>)Virgil Dupras3+14-2
2023-07-02 17:56cc: fix regression with %= due to HAL's change of %, into /mod,Virgil Dupras6+50-30
2023-07-02 15:51hal i386: fix +n, with 16b) and 8B)Virgil Dupras2+19-3
2023-07-02 15:12hal i386: fix [@+], and [!+], with A>) and m)Virgil Dupras3+21-4
2023-07-02 13:16hal i386: +) can compoundVirgil Dupras2+22-4
2023-07-02 12:11hal i386: re-add number bank in kernelVirgil Dupras7+107-42
2023-07-01 12:38hal i386: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+2-3
2023-07-01 12:31hal: remove addr,Virgil Dupras5+12-16
2023-07-01 12:13i386: move immediate flag from b15 to b18 in HAL and asm operandsVirgil Dupras2+8-9
2023-07-01 12:04hal i386: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+39-32
2023-07-01 11:32hal i386: fix &) bugsVirgil Dupras2+19-6
2023-07-01 01:41hal i386: add LEA emitting on &) when appropriateVirgil Dupras2+42-24
2023-06-30 21:02hal i386: add i) support to *, and /mod,Virgil Dupras3+27-3
2023-06-30 18:02hal i386: all tests/hal pass!Virgil Dupras1+18-3
2023-06-30 17:19hal i386: fix 16-bit/8-bit arithmetic upscalingVirgil Dupras1+17-0
2023-06-30 12:33hal: re-add <<, and >>,Virgil Dupras4+61-42
2023-06-30 02:26asm/i386: fix name clash with HAL's "addr,"Virgil Dupras1+7-7
2023-06-30 01:35hal: merge /, and %, into /mod,Virgil Dupras7+56-57
2023-06-30 00:23hal: re-add *,Virgil Dupras5+23-5
2023-06-29 21:13hal i386: fix bug with i) and A>) in @,Virgil Dupras2+2-2
2023-06-29 20:50hal: re-add -, &, |, ^,Virgil Dupras4+40-38
2023-06-29 20:25asm/i386: fix mis-selection of jump widthVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-06-29 19:32hal: re-add i) and A>) support to compare,Virgil Dupras8+30-44
2023-06-29 18:58hal: re-add i) support to arithmetic opsVirgil Dupras6+46-30
2023-06-29 18:15hal: re-add <>)Virgil Dupras3+108-64
2023-06-29 11:41hal: rename "execute," to "branchR,"Virgil Dupras10+86-88
2023-06-29 01:31hal: re-add A>)Virgil Dupras3+17-9
2023-06-29 00:15hal: Remove High HALVirgil Dupras11+236-392
2023-06-28 23:52hal: move i) to kernel and remove LIT>W,Virgil Dupras9+85-50
2023-06-28 20:32hal: towards a unified HALVirgil Dupras9+179-109
2023-06-28 13:44arm: straigten out sysvarsVirgil Dupras1+78-69
2023-06-28 01:08asm/armh: avoid spurious mov) on immediate argumentsVirgil Dupras1+11-8
2023-06-28 00:06asm/armh: add i) m) compare,Virgil Dupras8+33-26
2023-06-27 21:26asm/armh: add +) and +,Virgil Dupras3+11-4
2023-06-27 20:59asm/nbank: new unit extracted from asm/i386Virgil Dupras2+19-14
2023-06-27 19:42asm/arm: rename i) to imm)Virgil Dupras4+169-169
2023-06-27 19:34asm/armh: ARM High HAL first stepsVirgil Dupras4+21-1
2023-06-27 18:48asm/i386: use lib/endianVirgil Dupras4+25-24
2023-06-27 18:34lib/endian: add alignment guarantees and drop the High HALVirgil Dupras3+25-39
2023-06-27 16:15Change "align4" semantics and move it out of the kernelVirgil Dupras6+40-48
2023-06-27 15:33doc: add alignment discipline sectionVirgil Dupras1+31-0
2023-06-27 15:18rpi: all tests/sys passVirgil Dupras5+17-10
2023-06-26 20:49rpi: fix broken initVirgil Dupras1+1-0
2023-06-26 20:43sys/io: remove stdio structbindVirgil Dupras35+95-124
2023-06-26 20:40fs/fat: fix :open initialization bugVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-06-26 11:15Remove "chain" and Pipe filtersVirgil Dupras4+0-100
2023-06-26 11:06text/pager: stop relying on Pipe filtersVirgil Dupras3+40-37
2023-06-25 00:08rpi: fix []= so that it returns f=1 on u=0Virgil Dupras1+3-0
2023-06-24 23:59drv/rpi/emmc: fix PS leaksVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2023-06-24 23:59rpi: fix "chain" which didn't pushret/popretVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-06-24 17:36Change "[c]?" to "cidx" and move it to kernelVirgil Dupras18+66-47
2023-06-24 16:38bootlo: simplify "fill"Virgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-06-24 16:18Move "move" and "[]=" back into the kernelVirgil Dupras4+71-14
2023-06-24 12:31doc: add i386 examples in HAL docsVirgil Dupras1+22-0
2023-06-23 20:46posix: make VM "host native endian" rather than little endianVirgil Dupras1+9-6
2023-06-23 13:34hal: rename [+n], to +n,Virgil Dupras10+33-33
2023-06-23 12:27i386: assign EBX to A register instead of EDIVirgil Dupras4+142-141
2023-06-23 00:03hal: Change [@], and [!], to [@+], and [!+],Virgil Dupras11+117-86
2023-06-22 15:50hal: separate High HAL from assembler unitsVirgil Dupras6+72-65
2023-06-21 20:14posix vm: simplifyVirgil Dupras1+27-53
2023-06-21 17:44rpi: on a regular boot sequence!Virgil Dupras8+19-22
2023-06-21 17:00rpi kernel: add missing "HEREMAX" and "stack?"Virgil Dupras1+16-3
2023-06-21 16:14rpi uart: add "uart@?" wordVirgil Dupras3+3-4
2023-06-21 16:05rpi: booting from FAT!Virgil Dupras4+24-11
2023-06-21 01:39Add word "here#"Virgil Dupras3+9-7
2023-06-21 01:05Optimize sfield' sconst smethod ssmethodVirgil Dupras5+12-29
2023-06-20 21:56rpi: fix maybeword EOF handlingVirgil Dupras1+8-2
2023-06-20 21:02fs/fatlo: alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras1+3-1
2023-06-20 21:02rpi emmc: add ACMD41 CCS supportVirgil Dupras1+5-2
2023-06-20 20:41rpi hal: fix broken offset logic on 16b @, and !,Virgil Dupras1+8-3
2023-06-20 18:12rpi: fix emmc PS leak in sec@Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-06-20 18:09fs/fatlo: alignment disciplineVirgil Dupras1+6-2
2023-06-20 16:02rpi: first steps in having a functional FAT mountVirgil Dupras8+123-108
2023-06-19 20:17rpi: can read block from EMMC on real hardware!Virgil Dupras2+29-22
2023-06-18 20:37doc: fix and improve "to" semantics docsVirgil Dupras1+11-7
2023-06-18 20:12Add reference to "counted string"alex wennerberg1+4-3
2023-06-18 20:12Clarify null byte escape sequencealex wennerberg1+1-1
2023-06-18 20:19Update 'code' docalex wennerberg1+1-1
2023-06-18 13:43rpi: make emmc initialization mostly work on real hardwareVirgil Dupras1+21-11
2023-06-17 12:13doc: fix inaccuraciesVirgil Dupras1+3-4
2023-06-16 23:22rpi: oh, QEMU's default SD setup yields a byte addressing mode...Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-06-16 23:16rpi: use proper wait signals in EMMCVirgil Dupras1+6-2
2023-06-16 15:28rpi: EMMC can read a sector!Virgil Dupras1+14-2
2023-06-15 20:02rpi: EMMC first stepsVirgil Dupras2+42-0
2023-06-15 15:46Simplify case..of semanticsVirgil Dupras17+118-122
2023-06-15 13:02Straighten out interpret/compiling modelVirgil Dupras5+51-38
2023-06-12 20:53rpi: turns out that lib/fmt works fineVirgil Dupras2+1-24
2023-06-12 19:18rpi: document the portVirgil Dupras1+26-0
2023-06-12 19:07rpi: we have PROMPT!!!11Virgil Dupras4+48-24
2023-06-12 18:43Add pushret, and popret, in all kernelsVirgil Dupras6+16-490
2023-06-12 18:27rpi: move drivers and glue code at more appropriate placesVirgil Dupras4+64-58
2023-06-12 18:18rpi: the whole of bootlo compiles!Virgil Dupras2+117-5
2023-06-12 17:17rpi: fix broken [@], and [!], when they were used with offsetsVirgil Dupras2+10-4
2023-06-12 15:54rpi: structures!Virgil Dupras2+153-14
2023-06-12 15:43Straighten out the "dict link" situationVirgil Dupras5+15-13
2023-06-11 22:41doc: fix typo and omissionsVirgil Dupras2+2-5
2023-06-09 19:22rpi: strings!Virgil Dupras1+13-7
2023-06-09 19:17Have ,[ and S" jump to 4b aligned addressVirgil Dupras2+5-22
2023-06-09 12:14Rename S[ ]S to ,[ ], and change semantics slightlyVirgil Dupras15+39-39
2023-06-08 19:33rpi: move temporary debug stuff from kernel to forth codeVirgil Dupras2+46-75
2023-06-08 18:58rpi: iterators!!!Virgil Dupras2+64-25
2023-06-08 12:51rpi: add support for the m) operand to all instructionsVirgil Dupras3+80-35
2023-06-07 23:07rpi: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+37-33
2023-06-07 20:48rpi: add "to" words and fix broken lblimmwrVirgil Dupras2+24-2
2023-06-07 16:04Change CALLSZ to DOESSZVirgil Dupras7+10-9
2023-06-07 15:50rpi: local vars and does wordsVirgil Dupras2+38-3
2023-06-07 15:21rpi: rewrite uartinit in forthVirgil Dupras2+41-50
2023-06-07 15:15rpi: fix broken lblwriterangeVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-06-07 00:58rpi: add dumpVirgil Dupras1+22-2
2023-06-06 01:13rpi: add support for immediates > $ffVirgil Dupras2+48-5
2023-06-05 19:32rpi: add addr, << >> lshift rshiftVirgil Dupras2+49-0
2023-06-05 18:52rpi: add /modVirgil Dupras2+32-0
2023-06-05 17:37bootlo: break the "\" command on any ctrl char, not only LFVirgil Dupras2+2-3
2023-06-05 17:36rpi: add compare, and associated flagsVirgil Dupras2+22-3
2023-06-04 14:15hal: move all condition flags to Low HALVirgil Dupras5+32-50
2023-06-04 13:20rpi: ( hello, another comment! )Virgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-06-04 12:37rpi: hello, this is a comment!Virgil Dupras3+68-3
2023-06-04 11:56rpi: add missing -W,Virgil Dupras1+4-0
2023-06-03 16:10rpi: add findmeta findmodVirgil Dupras2+75-33
2023-06-03 16:01rpi: add and or xorVirgil Dupras1+14-0
2023-06-03 11:59rpi: add [!],Virgil Dupras2+33-9
2023-06-03 11:48rpi: add [@],Virgil Dupras2+13-0
2023-06-03 11:15rpi: add W+n, A+n, and W<>A,Virgil Dupras2+27-4
2023-06-02 00:58rpi: add 16b support to @!,Virgil Dupras2+23-9
2023-06-01 00:02rpi: add [+n],Virgil Dupras2+22-6
2023-05-31 23:42rpi: add +,Virgil Dupras2+13-2
2023-05-31 22:09rpi: add W>A,Virgil Dupras2+11-0
2023-05-31 19:41rpi: add branch, code16b code8b and add 16b support to @ and !Virgil Dupras2+53-7
2023-05-30 20:09rpi: add @!, and all base PS juggling wordsVirgil Dupras5+42-4
2023-05-29 23:57Update README to reduce duplicate with website contentsVirgil Dupras1+3-199
2023-05-29 21:18bootlo: optimize tuck and 2dupVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-05-29 21:11rpi: add @,Virgil Dupras2+11-3
2023-05-29 20:43rpi: add litn and use it in compwordVirgil Dupras4+44-26
2023-05-29 19:29rpi: change call conventionsVirgil Dupras4+110-72
2023-05-29 18:11pc: fix regression brought by my FAT refactoringVirgil Dupras2+9-3
2023-05-28 13:13rpi: add parseVirgil Dupras1+82-8
2023-05-28 12:30asm/arm: add mul)Virgil Dupras3+58-22
2023-05-27 13:29rpi: add rs+, and ps+,Virgil Dupras3+123-32
2023-05-26 19:29rpi: begin bringing in bootloVirgil Dupras3+13-2
2023-05-26 14:57rpi: add in-memory boot codeVirgil Dupras4+82-51
2023-05-26 14:31rpi: add compwordVirgil Dupras1+43-16
2023-05-26 01:00i386: remove spurious HAL number bankVirgil Dupras2+28-34
2023-05-25 23:37rpi: add abort mechanismVirgil Dupras1+70-17
2023-05-25 21:29rpi: add align4 entry and codeVirgil Dupras2+87-19
2023-05-25 18:33rpi: remplace most labels with word entriesVirgil Dupras3+59-50
2023-05-25 17:13rpi: add PS Top Of Stack register (r9)Virgil Dupras2+63-56
2023-05-25 16:37rpi: add "find" routineVirgil Dupras3+102-33
2023-05-25 12:20rpi: add wnf promptVirgil Dupras1+22-10
2023-05-24 19:34Change dictionary entry structureVirgil Dupras6+34-28
2023-05-25 11:00Decouple find and findmodVirgil Dupras2+41-40
2023-05-24 16:38rpi: assign r10 to PSP and "forthify" all routinesVirgil Dupras2+26-9
2023-05-24 16:28rpi: add "stype" routineVirgil Dupras1+13-7
2023-05-24 16:09rpi: add "word" routineVirgil Dupras3+30-10
2023-05-24 15:40rpi: add "rtype" routineVirgil Dupras2+26-16
2023-05-24 15:13rpi: add "key" routineVirgil Dupras1+13-14
2023-05-24 14:26rpi: kernel runs on actual hardwareVirgil Dupras2+23-15
2023-05-23 22:09rpi: Hello World!Virgil Dupras3+47-16
2023-05-23 20:54asm/arm: add b) bl) and bx)Virgil Dupras3+23-6
2023-05-23 19:56rpi: make kernel code slightly smarterVirgil Dupras3+17-18
2023-05-23 19:37asm/arm: rewrite to get rid of global statesVirgil Dupras7+160-105
2023-05-22 12:49rpi: Making UART0 (barely) workVirgil Dupras2+55-4
2023-05-19 12:26Use contexts to make asm tests order-insensitiveVirgil Dupras2+4-1
2023-05-19 01:02hal i386: add inc/dec special cases to W+n, A+n, and [+n],Virgil Dupras2+14-4
2023-05-17 16:11bootlo: rewrite "for" in HALVirgil Dupras1+5-3
2023-05-17 12:10sys/file: Make :truncate method into :resizeVirgil Dupras9+59-46
2023-05-16 18:23Remove bufptr and bufsz from base File structVirgil Dupras5+13-22
2023-05-16 16:24fs/fat: use SectorWindow in FATFileVirgil Dupras2+34-67
2023-05-16 01:42Make bootfs into a structbindVirgil Dupras12+33-37
2023-05-16 01:01Introduce new ":[methods]" pattern in structuresVirgil Dupras18+235-133
2023-05-14 15:49bootlo: add words S[ and ]SVirgil Dupras3+21-5
2023-05-14 15:22bootlo: add :realiasVirgil Dupras9+44-37
2023-05-14 11:38fs/fat: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+33-26
2023-05-14 01:35fs/fat: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+63-68
2023-05-13 15:07Remove the docstring mechanismVirgil Dupras4+2-11
2023-05-13 15:03bootlo: rewrite fill and [c]? in HALVirgil Dupras1+12-6
2023-05-13 14:28bootlo: remove unused &+c@ and &+w@Virgil Dupras1+0-2
2023-05-12 15:09fs/fat: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+23-28
2023-05-12 12:02fs/fat: consolidateVirgil Dupras5+51-53
2023-05-11 18:27fs/fat: use SectorWindowVirgil Dupras6+61-78
2023-05-10 18:56lib/file: new unit extracted from sys/fileVirgil Dupras10+73-69
2023-05-10 18:10lib/drive: new unitVirgil Dupras8+140-33
2023-05-09 21:59fs/fat2: removeVirgil Dupras5+0-106
2023-05-09 21:56fs/fatlo: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+33-44
2023-05-09 21:54bootlo: optimize a few words through the HALVirgil Dupras2+26-24
2023-05-09 02:41comp/c: fix arena selection bug for struct CDeclVirgil Dupras2+2-2
2023-05-09 02:40posix/vm: add memory protection mechanismVirgil Dupras1+17-4
2023-05-09 01:29lib/alloc: add HERE locking mechanismVirgil Dupras7+32-6
2023-05-08 21:19fs/fatlo: fix broken FAT :nextsector?Virgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-05-07 12:55fs/fat2: first stepVirgil Dupras9+132-11
2023-05-03 01:15README: change tumbleforth URLVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-05-01 21:01Simplify iterator boilerplateVirgil Dupras3+26-33
2023-04-25 22:12drv/fbgrid: Add framebuffer grid driverMichael Schierl2+133-0
2023-04-25 22:11doc: Trivial documentation fixesMichael Schierl3+4-3
2023-04-25 22:09poxix/vm: Fix building on Cygwin againMichael Schierl2+3-0
2023-04-23 16:29README: add Tumble Forth mentionVirgil Dupras1+4-0
2023-04-14 00:59ar/tar: new unitVirgil Dupras3+132-2
2023-04-08 01:33lib/endian: new unitVirgil Dupras4+79-0
2023-04-08 01:19text/ged: fix PS leakVirgil Dupras1+2-1
2023-04-08 01:19drv/pc/com: typo in commentVirgil Dupras1+2-3
2023-04-06 20:15Add 1+! 1-! to1+ to1-Virgil Dupras14+32-40
2023-04-06 19:14lib/crc: rewrite in HALVirgil Dupras4+37-43
2023-04-06 18:29cc: rename Result struct to ExprOpVirgil Dupras6+154-148
2023-04-06 15:28doc/hal: typos againVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-04-06 15:18doc/hal: clarify [@], and [!],Virgil Dupras1+10-0
2023-04-06 15:05doc/hal: clarify and fix typosVirgil Dupras1+22-24
2023-04-06 13:58HAL transition complete!Virgil Dupras3+28-79
2023-04-06 12:17i386: ALL TESTS PASS!!!Virgil Dupras3+38-25
2023-04-06 11:22hal: slightly rework the APIVirgil Dupras8+31-36
2023-04-06 01:51i386: HAL tests pass!Virgil Dupras2+63-4
2023-04-06 00:06asm/i386: add lea,Virgil Dupras3+5-1
2023-04-05 23:57hal: avoid name clashes with assembler mnemonicsVirgil Dupras8+58-55
2023-04-05 23:39i386: fix PS leak in C>W,Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-04-05 23:12asm/i386: fix broken testsVirgil Dupras1+26-25
2023-04-05 19:10Document the HALVirgil Dupras6+236-142
2023-04-05 02:24halcc: ALL TESTS PASS!!!1Virgil Dupras3+4-4
2023-04-05 01:45halcc: uxn tests pass!Virgil Dupras2+2-3
2023-04-05 01:30halcc: fix another binop bugVirgil Dupras3+7-1
2023-04-05 00:57halcc: fix another binop bugVirgil Dupras3+6-1
2023-04-05 00:08halcc: stupid little binop bugVirgil Dupras3+6-1
2023-04-04 23:20halcc: fix pointer logic bugsVirgil Dupras8+30-17
2023-04-03 23:12halcc: Collapse OS prompt!Virgil Dupras11+43-21
2023-04-03 01:08halcc: fix funcsig/rettype mixupVirgil Dupras5+16-3
2023-04-03 00:25halcc: fix complex declaration parsingVirgil Dupras3+39-32
2023-04-02 17:19halcc: fix postincdec op + structVirgil Dupras3+3-3
2023-04-02 15:28halcc: fix bug with pointer subtractionsVirgil Dupras4+12-5
2023-04-02 14:23halcc: fix assign+dereference bugVirgil Dupras3+8-1
2023-04-02 14:08halcc: remove spurious push-to-PSVirgil Dupras1+3-1
2023-04-02 13:47posix: fix broken disassemblerVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-04-02 12:54halcc: fix broken pspush/pspopVirgil Dupras3+6-6
2023-04-02 11:40halcc: fix PS leak in conditionalsVirgil Dupras2+5-5
2023-04-02 11:30halcc: stdlib compiles, but doesn't quite passVirgil Dupras4+17-14
2023-04-02 11:13halcc: rewrite type testsVirgil Dupras2+52-48
2023-04-02 02:14halcc: cleanup old unitsVirgil Dupras7+4-1220
2023-04-02 02:06halcc: all CC tests passing!!!Virgil Dupras3+4-542
2023-04-02 01:39halcc: <goldleader>Almost there...</goldleader>Virgil Dupras5+56-5
2023-04-02 01:21halcc: opwidth tests all passing!Virgil Dupras2+63-1
2023-04-02 01:18halcc: all struct tests passing!Virgil Dupras4+11-6
2023-04-02 00:48halcc: move funcsig args to new "args" fieldsVirgil Dupras4+13-8
2023-04-01 23:06halcc: almost all struct tests passing!Virgil Dupras8+59-13
2023-04-01 18:50halcc: protect binops against PS sliding bugsVirgil Dupras1+9-3
2023-04-01 18:28halcc: use new &) modifier to simplifyVirgil Dupras3+5-7
2023-04-01 18:22hal: remove W&) and A&)Virgil Dupras4+6-9
2023-04-01 18:20hal: add &) operand modifierVirgil Dupras4+72-23
2023-04-01 13:25halcc: fix a bunch of bugsVirgil Dupras5+38-7
2023-04-01 12:04halcc: fix binop argument mixupVirgil Dupras4+15-7
2023-04-01 11:27halcc: fix W mixup with multiple funcall in exprVirgil Dupras5+21-5
2023-04-01 01:26halcc: make && a boolean operatorVirgil Dupras3+40-2
2023-04-01 01:15halcc: switchstmt()Virgil Dupras3+54-2
2023-04-01 00:59halcc: remove the ":" operator from the listVirgil Dupras3+8-14
2023-04-01 00:31halcc: callfuncidx()Virgil Dupras4+21-5
2023-03-31 23:39halcc: globstructget() globstructset()Virgil Dupras5+18-5
2023-03-31 23:06halcc: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+5-3
2023-03-31 21:12halcc: structget() structset()Virgil Dupras4+33-10
2023-03-31 18:58halcc: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+8-6
2023-03-31 11:24halcc: whilesum() dowhilesum()Virgil Dupras3+34-2
2023-03-31 17:40halcc: consolidateVirgil Dupras3+17-20
2023-03-31 16:29halcc: add DEREF Result typeVirgil Dupras2+15-11
2023-03-31 15:13halcc: add REF Result typeVirgil Dupras2+27-22
2023-03-31 15:00posix: update disassemblerVirgil Dupras1+45-79
2023-03-30 21:11posix: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+22-24
2023-03-30 20:51halcc: use the new <>) in assign opsVirgil Dupras1+9-9
2023-03-30 20:06hal: add the <>) operand modifierVirgil Dupras3+45-24
2023-03-30 19:15posix: add a bunch of indirectionsVirgil Dupras1+79-64
2023-03-30 01:36posix: simplifyVirgil Dupras1+62-82
2023-03-28 19:55halcc: consolidateVirgil Dupras5+65-44
2023-03-27 20:33halcc: improve impl docsVirgil Dupras5+162-40
2023-03-26 18:00halcc: improve impl docsVirgil Dupras1+85-156
2023-03-26 17:00halcc: replace Result :<<n and :>>n with :*n and :/nVirgil Dupras2+8-9
2023-03-26 01:12halcc: get8b()Virgil Dupras4+10-2
2023-03-25 13:26halcc: boolnot()Virgil Dupras3+7-2
2023-03-25 13:19halcc: lts() ltu()Virgil Dupras5+28-6
2023-03-25 13:04lib/alloc: fix bug with :[ misbehaving in "findspace" conditionsVirgil Dupras3+15-1
2023-03-25 02:28halcc: forbreak() forcontinue()Virgil Dupras3+41-2
2023-03-25 02:24halcc: forsum()Virgil Dupras3+40-6
2023-03-24 21:43halcc: helloworld()Virgil Dupras5+14-6
2023-03-24 19:49halcc: funcsig()Virgil Dupras6+24-12
2023-03-24 14:24halcc: globalshort()Virgil Dupras3+58-44
2023-03-24 00:56halcc: global() and globalinc()Virgil Dupras5+38-14
2023-03-24 00:22halcc: array()Virgil Dupras8+152-91
2023-03-23 21:23halcc: consolidateVirgil Dupras3+35-27
2023-03-23 12:51hal: add W*) A*) and A>) "high" operandsVirgil Dupras3+116-73
2023-03-22 21:59hal: remove the T) registerVirgil Dupras4+5-10
2023-03-22 21:37halcc: optimize assignop and compopVirgil Dupras1+15-14
2023-03-21 23:49halcc: ptrari() ptrari2()Virgil Dupras4+49-21
2023-03-21 17:18halcc: begin type reformVirgil Dupras10+135-179
2023-03-21 01:48halcc: incdecp()Virgil Dupras5+14-12
2023-03-21 01:25halcc: incdec()Virgil Dupras3+12-2
2023-03-21 01:19halcc: condif()Virgil Dupras3+18-2
2023-03-21 01:09halcc: ptrget() ptrset()Virgil Dupras4+33-14
2023-03-20 23:42halcc: plusone() adder() subber()Virgil Dupras3+31-4
2023-03-20 19:53halcc: funcall() and pspushpop()Virgil Dupras7+46-9
2023-03-20 02:08halcc: boolops()Virgil Dupras7+76-41
2023-03-20 00:28hal: change "Z>W," into "C>W,"Virgil Dupras4+14-11
2023-03-19 22:10hal: add the T registerVirgil Dupras4+10-9
2023-03-19 22:01halcc: add static tmp space to solve argument swapping problemsVirgil Dupras3+13-12
2023-03-19 20:40halcc: assignops()Virgil Dupras3+24-4
2023-03-19 20:07halcc: binopcondeval()Virgil Dupras8+119-34
2023-03-19 18:57halcc: add a bunch of binopsVirgil Dupras4+47-7
2023-03-19 18:41halcc: do constant folding on binopsVirgil Dupras3+76-27
2023-03-19 15:43halcc: no no, this :?swap thing is stupidVirgil Dupras1+5-8
2023-03-19 15:34halcc: exprbinops()Virgil Dupras3+19-6
2023-03-19 15:22hal: remove "andn," "orn," "xorn," "cmpn,"Virgil Dupras6+4-21
2023-03-19 14:54hal posix: consolidateVirgil Dupras3+52-44
2023-03-19 14:00hal posix: add "high HAL" directly in kernelVirgil Dupras3+35-14
2023-03-19 13:48hal posix: add "i)" operandVirgil Dupras1+10-6
2023-03-19 13:34hal: formalize API in docsVirgil Dupras2+56-20
2023-03-19 12:07halcc: bwnot()Virgil Dupras3+8-2
2023-03-19 12:03halcc: negate()Virgil Dupras3+15-2
2023-03-19 11:47hal: add "neg,"Virgil Dupras3+7-2
2023-03-19 02:50halcc: introduce the Result structureVirgil Dupras7+141-21
2023-03-19 01:02lib/alloc: change semantics for :, and :s,Virgil Dupras2+6-6
2023-03-19 00:07halcc: screw that, I'm going the "rewrite" roadVirgil Dupras8+293-5
2023-03-18 20:49halcc: HAL-ify switch lookupVirgil Dupras1+14-13
2023-03-18 18:46hal: begin HAL-ifying CC's forth VMVirgil Dupras3+9-297
2023-03-18 17:45hal: transfer all relevant tests from CC vm to HALVirgil Dupras2+67-0
2023-03-18 16:04hal: add more conditional flags and the "cmpn," instrVirgil Dupras3+49-2
2023-03-18 15:20hal: begin creating the "high level layer"Virgil Dupras4+68-4
2023-03-18 15:00hal: swap "-" and "-^"Virgil Dupras3+7-7
2023-03-18 13:36hal i386: we have prompt!!!Virgil Dupras9+30-36
2023-03-17 16:55xcomp/tools: improve boot code "compression" algorithmVirgil Dupras3+3-4
2023-03-17 13:58hal i386: xcomp/bootlo compiles fine!Virgil Dupras3+2-277
2023-03-17 13:55hal: move "dup," "litn" and condition operands to kernelVirgil Dupras2+8-6
2023-03-17 13:43hal i386: add "cmp," instructionVirgil Dupras2+44-2
2023-03-17 13:37hal i386: fix m) operandVirgil Dupras2+97-11
2023-03-17 13:06hal i386: local variables workVirgil Dupras2+31-3
2023-03-17 12:34hal i386: add "lea," and ESP modrm encodingVirgil Dupras2+42-17
2023-03-17 02:02hal i386: comments are workingVirgil Dupras2+21-6
2023-03-17 01:40hal i386: add conditional branchingVirgil Dupras2+38-10
2023-03-17 01:11hal: Add "A=0>Z," and remove ">branchC,"Virgil Dupras2+13-14
2023-03-17 00:39hal i386: fix broken findmod routineVirgil Dupras2+17-19
2023-03-16 23:14hal i386: add "32b)" "+," "[+n]," "[@]," "[!],"Virgil Dupras2+62-1
2023-03-16 20:18hal i386: fix broken "+)"Virgil Dupras2+12-1
2023-03-16 19:57hal i386: implement "8b)" and "16b)"Virgil Dupras2+39-9
2023-03-16 19:16hal i386: implement "@!," "<<n," ">>n,"Virgil Dupras2+25-12
2023-03-16 19:04hal i386: implement ";" "code16b" and "code8b"Virgil Dupras2+21-1
2023-03-16 18:52hal i386: fix broken ps+, and rs+,Virgil Dupras2+4-4
2023-03-16 18:23hal i386: implement "entry" and "code"Virgil Dupras2+58-25
2023-03-16 14:30hal i386: fix PS mixup in runwordVirgil Dupras2+7-4
2023-03-16 13:56hal: i386 first stepsVirgil Dupras6+337-703
2023-03-14 02:02hal: simplifyVirgil Dupras1+28-21
2023-03-14 01:11hal: dont use binary width modulator for HAL compiler wordsVirgil Dupras3+47-58
2023-03-13 01:03hal: make operands arch-specific and opaqueVirgil Dupras3+99-61
2023-03-11 12:44hal: all tests passing under the POSIX VM!Virgil Dupras7+22-11
2023-03-11 02:51hal: making good progress on CCVirgil Dupras5+148-153
2023-03-10 21:47hal: add zero-guard in "move"Virgil Dupras2+3-3
2023-03-10 21:35hal: fix :infoVirgil Dupras2+2-1
2023-03-10 21:28hal: fix broken "entry"Virgil Dupras3+9-8
2023-03-10 18:35hal: many tests passingVirgil Dupras5+16-16
2023-03-10 17:58hal: Dusk OS prompt!Virgil Dupras4+27-13
2023-03-10 13:20Remove automated buildsVirgil Dupras2+0-16
2023-03-10 13:19hal: making progress!Virgil Dupras3+304-22
2023-03-10 02:58hal: what was I thinkingVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-03-10 02:52hal: we have structs!Virgil Dupras1+18-5
2023-03-10 02:36hal: add flag guarantees to a few opsVirgil Dupras3+13-14
2023-03-10 02:21hal: add "cmp," and "[]="Virgil Dupras2+18-5
2023-03-10 01:58hal: introduce a wider branching systemVirgil Dupras3+64-30
2023-03-09 23:10HAL: we have promptVirgil Dupras1+4-2
2023-03-09 22:14HAL: fix broken [rcnt]Virgil Dupras2+21-6
2023-03-09 21:28HAL: fix "yield"Virgil Dupras2+1-2
2023-03-09 21:10HAL: implement @! @+ !+ @@+ @!+Virgil Dupras2+43-45
2023-03-09 19:57HAL: make "to" operations width-awareVirgil Dupras1+11-5
2023-03-09 19:42HAL: move "8b", "16b" and "+" out of the kernelVirgil Dupras2+29-19
2023-03-09 19:20HAL: change operand structureVirgil Dupras3+80-49
2023-03-09 18:16HAL: get to valuesVirgil Dupras2+25-19
2023-03-09 17:05HAL: make does> words workVirgil Dupras2+12-10
2023-03-09 15:26HAL: make local variables workVirgil Dupras1+7-3
2023-03-09 15:04HAL: fix PS leak in ! and ,Virgil Dupras2+25-22
2023-03-09 03:12HAL wipVirgil Dupras2+307-931
2023-03-05 18:33comp/c/vm/i386: make :compiletest compile better codeVirgil Dupras1+1-2
2023-03-05 18:27asm/i386: add missing instructions in docsVirgil Dupras1+1-0
2023-03-05 18:18asm/i386: have pspush, and pspop, macros take opmod argumentsVirgil Dupras5+114-128
2023-03-05 17:59asm/i386: add ?movzx, macroVirgil Dupras3+22-13
2023-03-04 02:22asm/i386: simplify and empowerVirgil Dupras15+599-400
2023-02-28 02:18Change (br) and (?br) into branch, and ?branch,Virgil Dupras6+75-60
2023-02-27 21:11comp/c: code consolidationVirgil Dupras1+9-10
2023-02-26 19:45comp/c: move constarray compilation to common vmVirgil Dupras3+9-16
2023-02-25 13:17Add the concept of A registerVirgil Dupras11+558-406
2023-02-24 21:07Move codesize.sh logic in DuskVirgil Dupras4+37-17
2023-02-24 02:34comp/c: add "calias"Virgil Dupras6+37-19
2023-02-24 01:35text/ed: fix movement rollover bugVirgil Dupras2+2-1
2023-02-23 15:14lib/str: add "rfor" iteratorVirgil Dupras4+32-20
2023-02-23 02:58xcomp/i386/pc/build: break build process into smaller piecesVirgil Dupras2+19-21
2023-02-23 02:22testpc: piggy-back on pc.img instead of building the whole thing againVirgil Dupras2+3-3
2023-02-23 02:02sys/file: add DriveFileVirgil Dupras9+85-73
2023-02-23 01:42fs/fatlo: consolidateVirgil Dupras4+26-34
2023-02-22 22:06sys/file: add bufptr and bufsz fieldsVirgil Dupras7+53-47
2023-02-22 21:54Add seccnt to DriveVirgil Dupras8+13-15
2023-02-22 03:21README: mention live-bootstrap and M2-PlanetVirgil Dupras1+27-21
2023-02-21 02:13I made a video demoVirgil Dupras1+3-0
2023-02-21 00:40text/ed: add :nextword and :nextwsVirgil Dupras6+34-2
2023-02-19 17:20text/ed: improve memory usageVirgil Dupras7+105-61
2023-02-18 03:24text/ed: add :deltoVirgil Dupras9+53-17
2023-02-16 19:55text/ed: make position a single integer rather than a structVirgil Dupras4+73-94
2023-02-15 23:44text/ed: store lines in Array instead of a LLVirgil Dupras4+65-88
2023-02-14 21:08Add "template" conceptVirgil Dupras17+81-31
2023-02-12 01:54lib/array: new unitVirgil Dupras6+150-0
2023-02-09 22:28lib/malloc: new unitVirgil Dupras13+288-112
2023-02-09 20:31pc: re-add "doc" folder into the imageVirgil Dupras4+8-12
2023-02-07 03:18text/ged: add visual modeVirgil Dupras5+91-46
2023-02-07 03:08sys/grid: add :highlight methodVirgil Dupras3+12-3
2023-02-07 00:59Change "break" semanticsVirgil Dupras9+44-34
2023-02-05 22:11pc: add "altboot" option to MBRVirgil Dupras2+23-0
2023-02-05 17:09pc: beefing up my toolingVirgil Dupras5+48-2
2023-02-05 13:12text/ed: fix crash on deleting last line of bufferVirgil Dupras2+5-1
2023-02-04 20:12sys/file: make Path :iter into an :iteratorVirgil Dupras3+38-50
2023-02-04 18:09Change Filesystem :iter semanticsVirgil Dupras6+108-105
2023-02-04 16:56sys/file: refactor Path :copyfileVirgil Dupras1+10-11
2023-02-03 12:36Remove rfreeVirgil Dupras9+30-38
2023-02-03 12:20Rename :iter to :iteratorVirgil Dupras3+13-13
2023-02-02 21:06Iterators!Virgil Dupras36+316-192
2023-02-01 01:56text/ed: fix out of bounds regression on :godownVirgil Dupras2+5-3
2023-01-31 22:02lib/ll: new unitVirgil Dupras10+71-30
2023-01-30 20:45xcomp/bootlo: refactoringVirgil Dupras1+14-26
2023-01-30 00:02Grand rewrite of binary width modulator logicVirgil Dupras9+260-235
2023-01-29 22:12home updateVirgil Dupras4+20-42
2023-01-29 19:52posix: drop off compile mode on "quit" instead of "abort"Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-01-29 19:50i386: drop off compile mode on "quit"Virgil Dupras1+1-0
2023-01-29 14:39Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+2-0
2023-01-29 14:27sys/io: add MemIO :rangeVirgil Dupras2+4-0
2023-01-29 02:16lib/context: make them actually work as intendedVirgil Dupras3+24-6
2023-01-29 01:19Make the "floaded" LL go "backwards"Virgil Dupras3+12-12
2023-01-29 01:03Guard rtype against null rangesVirgil Dupras3+4-2
2023-01-28 22:16Make nl> emit LF onlyVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-01-28 21:09text/ed: fix find misalignment bugVirgil Dupras3+10-12
2023-01-28 15:20text/ged: add "i f n o O" keybindingsVirgil Dupras2+18-11
2023-01-28 15:19text/ed: add :findnextVirgil Dupras2+14-5
2023-01-28 15:15lib/str: add a few little wordsVirgil Dupras2+15-0
2023-01-28 03:43sys/rdln: make ESC flush line without interpretingVirgil Dupras3+32-19
2023-01-27 15:43Update roadmapVirgil Dupras1+20-39
2023-01-27 15:25Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+12-14
2023-01-27 15:04text/ged: add ":" keybindingVirgil Dupras2+18-5
2023-01-27 15:00sys/rdln: allow Rdln struct to interpret outside the main loopVirgil Dupras2+45-10
2023-01-27 03:14sys/rdln: wrap the input buffer into a MemIOVirgil Dupras4+20-16
2023-01-27 02:02sys/io: make MemIO boundedVirgil Dupras7+39-28
2023-01-27 02:01Move "max0" to bootloVirgil Dupras8+5-12
2023-01-26 20:48doc/design/shell: new pageVirgil Dupras2+79-1
2023-01-26 19:24sys/kbd: document unit and remove unused KeyboardInVirgil Dupras4+24-20
2023-01-26 18:46sys/io: Add IO :interpretVirgil Dupras2+16-4
2023-01-26 17:22text/ed: add :findVirgil Dupras3+50-16
2023-01-26 16:46lib/str: fix bug in [str]? and add rtrim(left|right)Virgil Dupras3+22-2
2023-01-26 02:20lib/str: add "[str]?", remove unused "scontains", add docsVirgil Dupras3+75-36
2023-01-25 01:47text/ged: move screen only when selection goes out of itVirgil Dupras3+38-13
2023-01-24 01:48Make "floaded," a noop if FSID is already loadedVirgil Dupras3+35-13
2023-01-22 02:06text/ged: add grid cursor updatesVirgil Dupras3+13-3
2023-01-22 01:32text/ged: add some movement keysVirgil Dupras2+19-3
2023-01-22 01:16doc: add lib/wordtblVirgil Dupras1+41-0
2023-01-21 20:54text/ged: first baby stepsVirgil Dupras3+41-1
2023-01-21 18:57home: new root dirVirgil Dupras3+82-0
2023-01-21 18:43sys/file: truncate dst on Path :copyfileVirgil Dupras1+1-2
2023-01-21 16:04text/ed: fix "dl" bugs for first and last linesVirgil Dupras2+5-2
2023-01-21 15:09doc: flesh out an idea about iteration and coroutinesVirgil Dupras1+43-0
2023-01-20 19:49sys/rdln: fix character "ghosting" bugVirgil Dupras1+3-2
2023-01-20 19:20Improve docsVirgil Dupras19+142-67
2023-01-20 15:10fs/fat: fix broken "fattruncate"Virgil Dupras1+1-0
2023-01-19 21:42drv/pc/com: add IO interfaceVirgil Dupras1+11-0
2023-01-19 01:48Improve docsVirgil Dupras4+45-6
2023-01-19 01:45fix broken early rtype usageVirgil Dupras1+2-1
2023-01-18 02:23sys/rdln: normalize all end of lines to LFVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-01-18 02:15text/ed: fix a bunch of bugsVirgil Dupras2+11-12
2023-01-18 01:52text/ed: implement "edsave"Virgil Dupras3+28-5
2023-01-18 00:17sys/file: add File :truncateVirgil Dupras7+30-13
2023-01-17 22:10text/ed: add "o" and "O", change cpos bounds, remove "a"Virgil Dupras3+41-20
2023-01-17 22:06Change llinsert semanticsVirgil Dupras4+8-8
2023-01-17 02:14text/ed: add "i" and "a" commandsVirgil Dupras5+75-57
2023-01-16 00:53text/ed: implement dc and dlVirgil Dupras2+18-1
2023-01-15 20:31text/ed: implement some more movement commandsVirgil Dupras2+15-3
2023-01-15 19:25text/ed: add some movement commandsVirgil Dupras3+53-11
2023-01-15 18:58lib/math: add "max0"Virgil Dupras3+12-0
2023-01-15 14:25text/ed: complete implementation of "s"Virgil Dupras3+33-5
2023-01-15 13:47comp/c: rename test function to avoid clash with core wordVirgil Dupras3+5-7
2023-01-15 02:59text/ed: new unit, first steps (wip)Virgil Dupras8+253-4
2023-01-15 02:58lib/alloc: add :ensureVirgil Dupras2+48-33
2023-01-14 02:13SimplifyVirgil Dupras4+26-27
2023-01-13 18:18sys/file: add "file" and "dstfile" structbindsVirgil Dupras5+75-20
2023-01-13 14:59lib/context: new unitVirgil Dupras6+76-1
2023-01-13 01:37lib/meta: add "forget" and documentationVirgil Dupras3+67-0
2023-01-12 21:22text/pager: new unitVirgil Dupras3+56-0
2023-01-12 21:21sys/io: add filters to PipesVirgil Dupras3+99-1
2023-01-12 21:20sys/io: fix broken MemIO :readbufVirgil Dupras2+8-3
2023-01-11 02:31sys/io: add Pipe structureVirgil Dupras29+178-145
2023-01-10 21:19posix: play nice with host CPU cyclesVirgil Dupras2+12-2
2023-01-10 21:14Add "and?" "or?" and readd "chain"Virgil Dupras4+29-4
2023-01-10 21:11Move "rtype" outside of kernelVirgil Dupras3+17-44
2023-01-09 20:33drv/pc/vesa: add support for non-linear modesVirgil Dupras15+142-76
2023-01-08 02:13doc/design/simple: updateVirgil Dupras1+25-7
2023-01-08 01:31sys/grid: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+10-8
2023-01-08 00:59xcomp/bootlo: trim a few unused wordsVirgil Dupras1+0-4
2023-01-08 00:02Change how aliases workVirgil Dupras16+142-129
2023-01-07 20:04Remove alias chainingVirgil Dupras5+2-50
2023-01-07 19:37drv/pc/int13h: use a fixed dst bufferVirgil Dupras2+5-7
2023-01-07 19:20sys/screen: make method overloading more straightforwardVirgil Dupras2+10-4
2023-01-07 19:12Add "structfind" and "sfield!"Virgil Dupras5+34-24
2023-01-07 16:02emul/cos/stage: new unit (WIP)Lucas Chaloyard2+93-5
2023-01-07 15:32cc: allow the first line to be a # directiveVirgil Dupras2+1-3
2023-01-07 15:12Add "type" field to struct fields metadataVirgil Dupras4+30-7
2023-01-07 14:39Consolidate and document structuresVirgil Dupras7+255-156
2023-01-07 01:54gr/plane: add a layer of indirectionVirgil Dupras4+66-21
2023-01-06 19:30drv/pc/ps28042: solidifyVirgil Dupras1+17-10
2023-01-06 13:46README: add mention of leftVirgil Dupras1+5-2
2023-01-05 21:43drv/pc/ps28042: make initialization routine more solidVirgil Dupras1+5-3
2023-01-05 21:42pc: move "piceoi2" placeholders to their proper placeVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2023-01-05 15:44pc: improve, document and rename the "bios13" utilityVirgil Dupras7+157-88
2023-01-03 20:01text/left: resize to 640x480Virgil Dupras1+2-2
2023-01-03 20:00sys/ps2: make ps2kcset1>ascii return c=0 for special keysVirgil Dupras2+8-4
2023-01-03 13:59text/left: new unit!Virgil Dupras4+1884-0
2023-01-03 03:27emul/uxn: make varvara screen bufferVirgil Dupras2+13-17
2023-01-03 01:47gr/plane: add bounds to :pos!Virgil Dupras3+16-10
2023-01-02 21:14emul/uxn: implement varvara mouse deviceVirgil Dupras5+199-3
2023-01-02 20:04Update README to show what Dusk can doVirgil Dupras1+30-0
2023-01-02 19:47pc: add mouse cursor everywhere!Virgil Dupras6+25-11
2023-01-02 17:34pc: plugged gr/cursor to the mouse!Virgil Dupras2+6-5
2023-01-02 16:04gr/cursor: first stepsVirgil Dupras3+70-0
2023-01-02 15:38gr/plane: split :copy into :copy< and :copy>Virgil Dupras3+39-8
2023-01-02 14:58gr/plane: change :copy APIVirgil Dupras3+16-13
2023-01-02 01:29gr/plane: add :copyVirgil Dupras4+19-6
2023-01-01 17:12gr/plane: add :pos! :tx+ :ty+ :fillVirgil Dupras5+32-20
2023-01-01 01:32gr/plane: new unitVirgil Dupras13+132-74
2022-12-31 17:51sys/screen: simplify APIVirgil Dupras4+18-20
2022-12-30 16:59doc/usage: clarifications and correctionsVirgil Dupras1+36-31
2022-12-30 15:48doc/usage: add missing section about control flowVirgil Dupras2+76-11
2022-12-29 14:29doc: add xcomp/bootlo walkthrough in doc/codeVirgil Dupras1+108-0
2022-12-29 13:32doc: typo fixesVirgil Dupras1+11-11
2022-12-27 14:51Improve deploy documentationVirgil Dupras4+186-75
2022-12-27 01:44Improve doc/arch slightlyVirgil Dupras8+139-119
2022-12-27 00:18Reorganize docsVirgil Dupras24+396-405
2022-12-26 23:28gr/rect: new unitVirgil Dupras6+118-0
2022-12-26 15:10doc: add design/speed pageVirgil Dupras1+49-0
2022-12-26 14:29Update roadmapVirgil Dupras1+11-8
2022-12-25 17:10gr/color: new unitVirgil Dupras7+49-12
2022-12-25 15:14sys/screen: new subsystemVirgil Dupras8+123-41
2022-12-24 20:27sys/mouse: new subsystemVirgil Dupras5+133-23
2022-12-24 17:59sys/grid: add "spit mode", :dbgnum1! and :dbgnum2!Virgil Dupras2+92-2
2022-12-24 14:02sys/grid: struct-ify and IO-ifyVirgil Dupras10+108-50
2022-12-23 21:02sys/loop: new subsystemVirgil Dupras5+82-1
2022-12-23 19:14sys/kbd: new subsystemVirgil Dupras7+26-6
2022-12-23 18:53Add non-blocking key? wordVirgil Dupras9+27-18
2022-12-23 14:55drv/pc/ps2: mouse support first stepsVirgil Dupras5+98-19
2022-12-22 16:08wipVirgil Dupras2+26-6
2022-12-21 17:12Add a reboot word to the 8042 driver.Arcade Wise1+3-0
2022-12-22 00:45drv/pc/ps28042: properly initialize the controller and keyboardVirgil Dupras1+21-1
2022-12-20 17:41emul/uxn: controller!Virgil Dupras11+405-131
2022-12-20 02:24sys/ps2: update ps2mods flags when polling ps2@?Virgil Dupras4+54-20
2022-12-20 01:22sys/ps2: expose "ps2mods" APIVirgil Dupras2+55-10
2022-12-20 01:02doc: add ps/2 subsystem pageVirgil Dupras3+24-2
2022-12-19 00:01emul/uxn/screen: pixel perfect!Virgil Dupras1+7-5
2022-12-18 20:36emul/uxn/screen: change screen bg color when System/(r|g|b) changesVirgil Dupras3+15-6
2022-12-18 19:30emul/uxn/screen: implement sprite flipx and flipyVirgil Dupras1+5-5
2022-12-18 19:13Add missing copyright attributionVirgil Dupras2+6-0
2022-12-18 19:05emul/uxn/screen: sprite first stepsVirgil Dupras3+205-10
2022-12-17 20:16Add a system for accessing the unix timestamp!Arcade Wise4+232-1
2022-12-17 20:27emul/uxn/screen: implement Screen/vectorVirgil Dupras5+55-8
2022-12-17 19:21emul/uxn: consolidationVirgil Dupras6+15-20
2022-12-17 18:01emul/uxn/screen: mandelbrot!Virgil Dupras3+115-1
2022-12-17 17:04comp/c: fix submarine bug with "typeunsigned?"Virgil Dupras4+13-3
2022-12-16 01:22emul/uxn/screen: implement "auto" for pixelsVirgil Dupras2+8-6
2022-12-15 14:31emul/uxn/screen: implement fg/bg logic for pixelsVirgil Dupras2+46-10
2022-12-15 13:23emul/uxn/screen: fix color selectionVirgil Dupras1+6-8
2022-12-15 01:18emul/uxn: first steps with the screen device!Virgil Dupras9+86-30
2022-12-14 21:36comp/c: add uchar ushort uint typedefsVirgil Dupras7+101-94
2022-12-14 01:38sys/draw: new subsystem to draw stuff!Virgil Dupras3+28-6
2022-12-14 00:39doc: add master indexVirgil Dupras2+34-4
2022-12-14 00:35sys/file: add Path :iterdirs and :iterfilesVirgil Dupras3+27-2
2022-12-14 00:18sys/file: add Filesystem :?newdir and :?newfileVirgil Dupras2+18-2
2022-12-12 01:17drv/pc/vesa: pixels on screen!Virgil Dupras2+21-5
2022-12-11 21:17drv/pc/vesa: enumerate modesVirgil Dupras1+65-13
2022-12-11 19:10drv/pc/vesa: first stepsVirgil Dupras5+81-7
2022-12-08 21:29comp/c: allow multi-declarator statements in struct typedefsVirgil Dupras4+22-27
2022-12-08 17:43lib/alloc: new TODOVirgil Dupras1+5-0
2022-12-08 17:37asm/uxntal: allocate a lot less static memoryVirgil Dupras1+61-48
2022-12-08 14:17comp/c: add sizeof()Virgil Dupras2+3-2
2022-12-08 14:11New concept: C "header" filesVirgil Dupras6+69-20
2022-12-08 00:27asm/uxntal: working!Virgil Dupras9+27-23
2022-12-08 00:25comp/c/vm/i386: fix register misallocation in vmswitch,Virgil Dupras3+12-1
2022-12-07 02:26comp/c/vm/i386: fix integer promotion bug in logical opsVirgil Dupras3+11-1
2022-12-07 01:21asm/i386: fix mis-assembling of some imm8 opsVirgil Dupras2+11-1
2022-12-06 02:16asm/uxntal: almost there!Virgil Dupras5+37-17
2022-12-06 02:06comp/c: implement typecastingVirgil Dupras6+17-1
2022-12-06 01:20comp/c/vm/forth: fix PS corruption during switch()Virgil Dupras3+19-6
2022-12-06 00:48sys/io: add ability to print/spit null-terminated stringsVirgil Dupras5+20-0
2022-12-06 00:27Fix mysterious bug in test suite under i386Virgil Dupras2+3-4
2022-12-06 00:08comp/c/vm: remove selop1 and selop2Virgil Dupras3+64-82
2022-12-05 21:08comp/c: add "continue" statementVirgil Dupras4+34-21
2022-12-05 20:38comp/c/vm/i386: fix vmswitch reg allocation bugVirgil Dupras2+6-5
2022-12-05 02:06comp/c: allow empty cases in switchVirgil Dupras7+27-32
2022-12-04 15:15posix/vm: bump memory to 16MBVirgil Dupras3+7-5
2022-12-04 13:46asm/uxntal: preparing the battlegroundVirgil Dupras8+496-3
2022-12-04 02:29comp/c: add switch statementVirgil Dupras8+116-19
2022-12-03 02:09comp/c: simplify Forth proxying mechanismVirgil Dupras11+116-106
2022-12-03 00:59comp/c: revisit symbols lifetimesVirgil Dupras3+90-54
2022-12-02 19:53comp/c: add support for function prototypesVirgil Dupras3+48-25
2022-12-02 18:45comp/c: add ability to create null-terminated string literalsVirgil Dupras4+14-3
2022-12-02 18:20comp/c: allow string literals to be placed in array literalsVirgil Dupras2+15-11
2022-12-02 02:39comp/c: allow string literals to be assigned to global varsVirgil Dupras4+28-21
2022-12-02 02:04comp/c: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+18-20
2022-12-02 01:28comp/c: simplify CONSTARRAY handlingVirgil Dupras5+61-61
2022-11-30 23:33ar/puff: stream input from StdInVirgil Dupras2+19-32
2022-11-30 23:25ar/puff: stream to StdOutVirgil Dupras1+32-32
2022-11-30 23:24comp/c/lib: add freadbuf() and fwritebuf()Virgil Dupras2+29-15
2022-11-30 21:48comp/c/vm/i386: fix integer promotion bug with << >> * /Virgil Dupras3+7-2
2022-11-30 20:41comp/c: allow static initialization of non-int arraysVirgil Dupras3+12-3
2022-11-30 17:38ar/puff: output to stdoutVirgil Dupras2+65-81
2022-11-30 16:10ar/puff: remove false TODOVirgil Dupras2+2-2
2022-11-30 16:08comp/c/vm/forth: fix bug with funcall in ?: opVirgil Dupras3+7-1
2022-11-30 13:55comp/c: improve error msg by including token causing errorVirgil Dupras1+3-2
2022-11-30 13:50sys/io: add .f" shortcut to IO :printfVirgil Dupras2+10-0
2022-11-30 13:06Update READMEVirgil Dupras2+14-11
2022-11-30 12:59comp/c: consolidateVirgil Dupras2+46-51
2022-11-30 03:59ar/ungz: remove false TODOVirgil Dupras1+1-5
2022-11-30 03:28comp/c: new departure from ANSI CVirgil Dupras2+5-5
2022-11-30 03:13comp/c: add support for the "x ? y : z" operatorsVirgil Dupras7+52-9
2022-11-30 01:18comp/c: allow empty first and last statement in for()Virgil Dupras4+14-10
2022-11-30 01:10comp/c: fix parsing bug with a postfix op following () exprVirgil Dupras2+2-4
2022-11-30 01:07comp/c: fix line counting bug in tokenizerVirgil Dupras1+3-3
2022-11-30 01:01comp/c: fix tok error on // before #defineVirgil Dupras3+2-2
2022-11-30 00:50ar/puff: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+1-5
2022-11-30 00:43comp/c: allow constant expressions in array typedefsVirgil Dupras3+9-10
2022-11-30 00:36comp/c: move type parsing code from type.fs to pgen.fsVirgil Dupras2+88-88
2022-11-29 20:24ar/ungz: working!!!Virgil Dupras3+9-4
2022-11-29 19:55posix/vm: make RSADD and RSADDR 4b instead of 1bVirgil Dupras2+7-7
2022-11-29 19:04comp/c/vm/i386: fix register misallocation in << and >>Virgil Dupras5+17-5
2022-11-29 18:24ar/puff: fix porting mistakeVirgil Dupras1+5-1
2022-11-29 01:53ar/ungz: making progress!Virgil Dupras6+48-8
2022-11-29 01:38sys/io: move :readall from File to IOVirgil Dupras4+7-7
2022-11-29 00:11comp/c/vm/i386: fix || opVirgil Dupras3+7-2
2022-11-28 21:22ar/puff: replace ar/ungzVirgil Dupras9+764-985
2022-11-28 19:38ar/ungz: finished porting the codeVirgil Dupras1+152-14
2022-11-28 00:24ar/ungz: port a bunch of functions until I hit a compilation errorVirgil Dupras1+619-1
2022-11-27 23:22ar/ungz: FSInfo wasn't needed after allVirgil Dupras1+5-5
2022-11-27 23:21posix/vm: update File pos field on :readbuf and :seekVirgil Dupras1+3-0
2022-11-27 23:20posix/vm: retabVirgil Dupras1+699-699
2022-11-27 20:42ar/ungz: some more portingVirgil Dupras2+127-6
2022-11-27 19:21ar/ungz: begin portingVirgil Dupras8+119-0
2022-11-27 18:32emul/uxn: add stat capability to varvara file deviceVirgil Dupras7+37-8
2022-11-27 17:08Remove spurious debugging printVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-11-27 17:05sys/io: add MemIO structVirgil Dupras4+34-0
2022-11-27 14:53emul/uxn: add write capabilities to varvara file deviceVirgil Dupras4+31-12
2022-11-27 14:41fs/blob: make it usable as a "<letter>:" fsVirgil Dupras2+4-2
2022-11-27 14:29emul/uxn: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+21-18
2022-11-27 13:17adjust codesize scriptVirgil Dupras1+5-7
2022-11-27 02:16emul/uxn: add file device to varvaraVirgil Dupras7+96-17
2022-11-27 01:18fs/blob: new unitVirgil Dupras4+71-0
2022-11-26 19:50emul/uxn: consolidationVirgil Dupras1+1-5
2022-11-26 17:13comp/c: The Grand SimplificationVirgil Dupras25+624-1039
2022-11-24 19:22lib/stack: new unitVirgil Dupras5+54-13
2022-11-24 14:14tests: add tooling to test expected abortsVirgil Dupras4+25-0
2022-11-23 16:10doc/io: clarify and add missing methodsVirgil Dupras1+7-2
2022-11-23 15:58doc: add CC stdlib documentationVirgil Dupras3+116-2
2022-11-23 13:48emul/uxn: CC was fine, it was me who was stupidVirgil Dupras1+13-28
2022-11-23 00:58comp/c: fix bugs with nested function calls mixed with expressionsVirgil Dupras7+45-55
2022-11-22 19:38Update roadmapVirgil Dupras3+33-13
2022-11-21 21:18Fix broken link in READMEVirgil Dupras1+1-2
2022-11-21 21:09Update broken codesize scriptVirgil Dupras1+6-6
2022-11-21 20:55Update README slightly and fix typos in docsVirgil Dupras2+42-52
2022-11-21 20:03Change root directory structureVirgil Dupras77+2663-2554
2022-11-21 17:58app/uxn: all ops are implemented!Virgil Dupras7+317-6
2022-11-21 16:31app/uxn: hex formattingVirgil Dupras4+138-99
2022-11-21 16:30cc/vm/i386: fix register mixup in * / % opsVirgil Dupras2+17-2
2022-11-21 15:43cc/vm/i386: allow << and >> to have non-const right operandVirgil Dupras2+40-7
2022-11-21 02:31app/uxn: fibonacciVirgil Dupras6+27-5
2022-11-21 01:02Add notes about Fiwix in READMEVirgil Dupras1+9-0
2022-11-21 00:05cc/vm/i386: fix opwidth bugVirgil Dupras4+10-8
2022-11-20 21:53app/uxn: bandaid fix for testpcVirgil Dupras1+6-2
2022-11-20 20:14app/uxn: Hello World!Virgil Dupras4+16-9
2022-11-20 20:03app/uxn: implement keep modeVirgil Dupras3+56-15
2022-11-20 17:30Add build status tag to READMEVirgil Dupras1+2-0
2022-11-20 17:17app/uxn: DEO works!Virgil Dupras4+20-20
2022-11-20 16:13posix: add overlap guard in MOVE()Virgil Dupras1+5-0
2022-11-20 14:42posix: fix memory corruption in certain (most?) environmentsVirgil Dupras1+21-3
2022-11-19 21:41POSIX VM: Make invalid paths work on CygwinMichael Schierl1+1-1
2022-11-19 20:04cc/vm/forth: big location reformVirgil Dupras10+193-108
2022-11-19 17:19Update codesize.sh to give stats more in line with my claims from docsVirgil Dupras1+5-5
2022-11-19 00:13Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+34-1
2022-11-18 16:15cc/vm: fix *n and /n guardsVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2022-11-17 00:49fs/doc/asm/i386.txt: grammar and spelling improvementsGary V. Vaughan1+37-35
2022-11-18 14:26cc/vm/forth: consolidateVirgil Dupras1+9-15
2022-11-16 18:50cc: change <<n and >>n to *n and /nVirgil Dupras5+38-24
2022-11-16 16:51app/uxn: add some stuff until a CC bug is hitVirgil Dupras3+50-15
2022-11-16 16:08app/uxn: add byte/short mode supportVirgil Dupras4+36-38
2022-11-16 14:59cc/vm: fix ill-conceived optimisationVirgil Dupras5+14-15
2022-11-16 12:51cc: fix struct declarator printingVirgil Dupras2+7-3
2022-11-16 01:51app/uxn: add some stuff until a CC bug is hitVirgil Dupras4+33-17
2022-11-16 00:18app/uxn: first opcode decodedVirgil Dupras3+45-8
2022-11-15 21:01cc/vm/forth: fix PS corruption bug in assignop,Virgil Dupras5+15-5
2022-11-15 20:16cc/vm/i386: fix mis-mutation on unaryop applied to pointersVirgil Dupras4+16-10
2022-11-15 19:58cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras4+15-10
2022-11-15 18:49app/uxn: add some stuff until a CC bug is hitVirgil Dupras2+40-9
2022-11-14 19:39cc/vm/i386: fix register misallocation bugVirgil Dupras7+26-19
2022-11-14 12:21app/uxn: first stepsVirgil Dupras4+53-0
2022-11-14 12:16cc: avoid infinite recursion in printtypeVirgil Dupras3+10-8
2022-11-14 00:40lib/math: new unitVirgil Dupras5+22-10
2022-11-13 20:16cc/lib: add qsort()Virgil Dupras3+37-1
2022-11-13 20:15cc: fix operand referencing bug under logical operationsVirgil Dupras4+16-8
2022-11-13 18:27cc: fix bug in pointer arithmeticsVirgil Dupras3+7-0
2022-11-13 17:43cc: fix pointer arithmetics on ++ and -- opsVirgil Dupras4+29-29
2022-11-13 15:31cc: remove the "ttr" phaseVirgil Dupras7+60-127
2022-11-13 01:26cc/vm: rename vm+n, to VMOp :+nVirgil Dupras5+14-7
2022-11-13 01:06cc: move pointer arithmetic logic from ast/ttr to vmVirgil Dupras7+40-36
2022-11-12 21:27cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+5-7
2022-11-12 20:34cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+5-6
2022-11-08 21:08cc/vm: code consolidationVirgil Dupras6+153-150
2022-11-08 17:10cc: improve pointer arithmeticsVirgil Dupras3+22-9
2022-11-07 11:58cc: add lineno to tok and ast error outputsVirgil Dupras3+13-8
2022-11-06 21:02doc: add detailed install instructionsVirgil Dupras1+74-0
2022-11-06 20:18app/cos: fix compilation errorsVirgil Dupras2+3-2
2022-11-06 19:35i386/pc: apply dummy PIC IRQ handlers to all IRQs on bootVirgil Dupras1+10-5
2022-11-06 19:30drv/pc/ata: fix timing issueVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-11-06 19:06drv/pc/ata: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+24-27
2022-11-06 17:26drv/pc/a20: add A20 enabling method through PS/2Virgil Dupras1+17-3
2022-11-06 15:43drv/pc/ps28042p: bring back the polling PS/2 driverVirgil Dupras1+8-0
2022-11-06 15:40i386/pc: make bootloader more flexibleVirgil Dupras1+28-15
2022-11-06 15:37fs/fat: make newFAT more parametrizableVirgil Dupras3+46-18
2022-11-05 21:30i386: add BIOS poking toolVirgil Dupras3+88-0
2022-11-05 20:29asm/i386: add 8b support for shl/shr opsVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2022-11-05 17:29cc: fold constant macro expressions when necessaryVirgil Dupras4+34-22
2022-11-05 15:42cc: change the way macro worksVirgil Dupras11+166-131
2022-11-04 14:25cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+18-20
2022-11-04 00:08cc: clear the AST cache after each generationVirgil Dupras3+16-15
2022-11-03 23:39cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+22-27
2022-11-03 19:33cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+37-71
2022-11-03 18:34cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras4+22-22
2022-11-03 18:13cc: improve type parsingVirgil Dupras5+133-57
2022-11-03 16:37cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras5+26-27
2022-11-03 14:10cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+22-26
2022-11-03 13:27cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+24-18
2022-11-02 01:10Add the Arena allocatorVirgil Dupras10+258-64
2022-10-31 14:56lib/fmt: move printf code from cc/libVirgil Dupras10+61-377
2022-10-31 13:57doc: split CC docs in multiple filesVirgil Dupras3+314-0
2022-10-30 20:47asm/i386: add two shortcut encoding formsVirgil Dupras1+10-5
2022-10-30 18:58doc: add i386 assembler docsVirgil Dupras3+247-72
2022-10-30 16:54drv/pc/ps28042: make keyboard driver interrupt drivenVirgil Dupras3+27-2
2022-10-30 14:50i386/pc: add exception handling and PIC remappingVirgil Dupras7+97-19
2022-10-29 14:52Clarify documentation slightlyVirgil Dupras3+24-22
2022-10-29 04:38fs/doc: improvements to grammar and spellingGary V. Vaughan14+187-185
2022-10-28 18:36i386/pc: add floppy driverVirgil Dupras10+175-49
2022-10-26 13:08cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+10-11
2022-10-26 12:11cc: turn debugging off by defaultVirgil Dupras5+17-16
2022-10-26 00:00app/cos: fix misuse of move()Virgil Dupras1+3-1
2022-10-25 21:28cc: fix a few bugs in the VMsVirgil Dupras6+46-38
2022-10-24 23:44i386/pc: add A20 line activation driverVirgil Dupras6+24-7
2022-10-24 19:40arm: add the skeleton of a Raspberry PI "hello world"Virgil Dupras6+35-3
2022-10-24 18:24asm/arm: add LDR and STRVirgil Dupras2+39-6
2022-10-24 17:16Fix testpcVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2022-10-24 17:05xcomp: move things aroundVirgil Dupras10+65-64
2022-10-24 15:34asm/arm: first stepsVirgil Dupras3+67-0
2022-10-24 01:09doc: improve file documentationVirgil Dupras2+24-0
2022-10-21 01:52change a word in simple.txtKartik K. Agaram1+1-1
2022-10-21 00:38Liftoff!Virgil Dupras1+2-24
2022-10-21 00:00doc: pimp up and clean upVirgil Dupras11+106-165
2022-10-20 21:53Add ROADMAP.mdVirgil Dupras3+82-61
2022-10-20 20:58drv/pc/ahci: can write sector!Virgil Dupras2+8-1
2022-10-20 20:25drv/pc/ahci: can read sector!Virgil Dupras4+41-11
2022-10-20 16:22doc: add design/portVirgil Dupras2+39-3
2022-10-20 14:42doc: rework design sectionVirgil Dupras6+228-128
2022-10-20 00:16drv/pc/ahci: getting up to the IDENTIFY phase! (in QEMU)Virgil Dupras5+170-18
2022-10-17 21:29drv/pc/ahci: first stepsVirgil Dupras2+78-1
2022-10-17 19:09app/cos: blkfs works!Virgil Dupras10+30-23
2022-10-17 12:00cc: fix pointer arithmetics bugVirgil Dupras3+23-6
2022-10-16 20:13cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+18-18
2022-10-16 12:08sys/file: Make MemIO into MakeFileVirgil Dupras6+44-50
2022-10-15 23:19Collapse OS: we have prompt!Virgil Dupras6+19-10
2022-10-15 18:21cc: fix a few bugs in VMsVirgil Dupras7+40-12
2022-10-15 12:37app/cos: copy serial.bin from upstreamVirgil Dupras3+8-1
2022-10-15 11:44app/cos: make the tests a bit more complexVirgil Dupras2+5-3
2022-10-15 01:14cc: fix opwidth bugsVirgil Dupras7+49-35
2022-10-14 20:18cc: fix opwidth bugsVirgil Dupras8+31-17
2022-10-14 15:10docs: drafting a comparison of DuskCC and tccVirgil Dupras1+57-0
2022-10-14 13:38cc/vm/i386: fix compile-time PS corruption in vmcall,Virgil Dupras2+5-5
2022-10-14 12:42cc/vm/i386: move some comments to docsVirgil Dupras2+21-14
2022-10-14 12:18cc/vm/i386: make opwidth a bit more surgicalVirgil Dupras3+41-40
2022-10-14 00:45cc/vm/i386: fix opwidth bugVirgil Dupras3+19-3
2022-10-13 19:51tests: add app/cos tests to the suiteVirgil Dupras10+26-31
2022-10-13 19:21cc/vm/forth: fix opwidth bugs in vm=, and binop=Virgil Dupras4+25-9
2022-10-13 12:21asm/i386: fix forward8 jumpsVirgil Dupras3+24-4
2022-10-12 00:44cc: make && a logical and instead of a binary oneVirgil Dupras5+20-14
2022-10-11 13:28cc: fix broken CType :exportVirgil Dupras3+7-4
2022-10-11 13:07cc/vm/forth: fix bug with postop applied to struct fieldsVirgil Dupras4+11-4
2022-10-10 14:13cc: add CType :exportVirgil Dupras6+46-42
2022-10-10 13:17sys/file: add p" f" and File :readallVirgil Dupras3+20-4
2022-10-09 23:07cc/lib: add File struct global definitionVirgil Dupras3+23-20
2022-10-09 21:23cc: rename :cfunc to :c and change its semantics slightlyVirgil Dupras5+25-21
2022-10-09 20:58cc: add the option for structures to persist across unitsVirgil Dupras3+33-18
2022-10-09 19:06cc: write temporary data to CC-specific scratchpadsVirgil Dupras9+44-60
2022-10-09 17:56lib/scratch: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+10-16
2022-10-09 15:27cc: can compile the whole cvm.c unit!Virgil Dupras3+8-2
2022-10-09 14:31Bump xhere size and reduce syspad sizeVirgil Dupras5+8-8
2022-10-09 12:33cc: fix misreported size in CType for func signaturesVirgil Dupras4+22-8
2022-10-08 15:03cc: allow Ident nodes in List initializationsVirgil Dupras4+16-16
2022-10-08 15:01cc: fix failing test on i386Virgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-10-08 14:05cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras1+12-18
2022-10-08 12:34cc: fix VM ops leak bug in bracket-less {} conditionsVirgil Dupras3+15-9
2022-10-08 00:14cc/vm/forth: fix bug in binop=Virgil Dupras5+13-10
2022-10-07 22:00cc: allow expressions in subscript[] operatorVirgil Dupras4+8-7
2022-10-07 21:52cc: simplify Arrow generation with the addition of vm+n, opVirgil Dupras3+22-14
2022-10-07 18:51cc/lib: add fread() and fwrite()Virgil Dupras3+12-3
2022-10-07 18:29asm/i386: add loop, loopz, loopnz,Virgil Dupras2+9-7
2022-10-07 18:11asm/i386: add support for rel8 jumpsVirgil Dupras1+15-14
2022-10-07 16:41cc/vm/i386: code consolidationVirgil Dupras1+21-18
2022-10-07 16:24cc/vm/i386: code consolidationVirgil Dupras1+24-31
2022-10-07 16:05cc/vm: harmonize op namesVirgil Dupras4+41-41
2022-10-07 14:07cc: bug fixes + global variable list initializationVirgil Dupras10+69-25
2022-10-06 13:40cc: fix broken Function debug spitting for static functionsVirgil Dupras2+7-8
2022-10-06 13:24cc: fix tokenization bug with /**/ commentsVirgil Dupras3+13-11
2022-10-06 13:03cc: update docsVirgil Dupras1+11-9
2022-10-06 12:43Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+20-42
2022-10-05 15:25cc: allow macros in array "nbelem" definitionsVirgil Dupras7+36-23
2022-10-05 14:54cc: slight change in designVirgil Dupras2+16-9
2022-10-05 14:35cc: implement "static" logic for global variablesVirgil Dupras5+12-13
2022-10-05 14:18cc/lib: implement fopen()/fseek()/fclose()Virgil Dupras5+38-7
2022-10-05 12:26cc/lib: implement memset()Virgil Dupras3+7-1
2022-10-05 12:22cc: add NULLVirgil Dupras3+4-3
2022-10-05 11:46cc: add support for typecasting syntaxVirgil Dupras3+9-3
2022-10-04 21:13cc/lib: add %b %w %x and %s arguments to fprintfVirgil Dupras3+20-7
2022-10-04 14:14cc: add function signature typeVirgil Dupras10+47-21
2022-10-04 14:03cc/vm: fix :push/:pop for the type fieldVirgil Dupras5+14-13
2022-10-04 13:25cc/vm/forth: fix :push/:pop bugsVirgil Dupras1+7-5
2022-10-03 16:10cc: add % += -= *= /= %= opsVirgil Dupras8+79-27
2022-10-03 15:56cc/vm/i386: simplify and tighten mul/div logicVirgil Dupras1+14-9
2022-10-03 11:37cc/vm/i386: fix register mixup in vmmul, and vmdiv,Virgil Dupras2+6-10
2022-10-02 18:51Spelling fixesArcade Wise5+10-11
2022-10-02 14:25cc: slight VM reform and bugfixesVirgil Dupras4+84-97
2022-10-01 13:15cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras7+41-46
2022-10-01 11:57cc: add "typedef" keywordVirgil Dupras2+7-5
2022-09-30 12:48app/cos: update cvm.c prototypeVirgil Dupras1+62-55
2022-09-30 12:33cc: allow "bracket-less" ({}) statementsVirgil Dupras3+37-39
2022-09-30 11:48cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+35-39
2022-09-30 11:19cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras4+43-56
2022-09-29 14:19cc: big type reformVirgil Dupras12+174-127
2022-09-27 19:13cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras4+48-36
2022-09-26 21:02cc: allow structs as global variablesVirgil Dupras5+53-24
2022-09-26 14:28cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras2+47-45
2022-09-25 14:44cc: code consolidationVirgil Dupras3+52-61
2022-09-25 13:29cc: invert default function storage typeVirgil Dupras7+65-68
2022-09-25 13:12cc: support arrays in structsVirgil Dupras4+13-7
2022-09-24 20:02cc: allow the referencing of system structs in C codeVirgil Dupras6+41-7
2022-09-24 18:30cc: add the ability to declare structs in C codeVirgil Dupras6+80-43
2022-09-24 14:59Make struct fields iterableVirgil Dupras3+22-7
2022-09-24 13:33cc/ast: introduce NamedNodeVirgil Dupras1+19-21
2022-09-24 11:56cc/ast: remove Function sfsize fieldVirgil Dupras2+22-23
2022-09-23 19:35Add the ability to override the result of the next "word" callVirgil Dupras4+37-4
2022-09-23 14:40cc: first steps with structs!Virgil Dupras8+97-34
2022-09-23 00:53Make all words aligned to 4bVirgil Dupras6+31-15
2022-09-22 19:43Add ability for structs to have 8b and 16b fieldsVirgil Dupras7+89-43
2022-09-22 13:51app/cos: add prototype cvm.cVirgil Dupras2+303-2
2022-09-21 17:58cc/vm/i386: allow inc/dec of global variablesVirgil Dupras3+6-2
2022-09-21 17:56cc: make Declare and Function AST nodes copy their nameVirgil Dupras7+62-46
2022-09-21 15:20Remove lib/btraceVirgil Dupras3+6-13
2022-09-21 14:52app/cos: import blk.fs from latest COS snapshotVirgil Dupras2+1405-8
2022-09-21 14:52cc: fix broken "break" when followed by another loopVirgil Dupras3+13-8
2022-09-21 13:11sys/io: add SumIO IO :spitVirgil Dupras5+54-10
2022-09-21 12:04sys/io: move readline to IO namespaceVirgil Dupras5+35-30
2022-09-21 01:06app/cos: blkpack Hello World!Virgil Dupras5+16-13
2022-09-20 23:19lib/crc: fix algo and add crc32<<Virgil Dupras2+8-3
2022-09-20 20:21cc: implement / operatorVirgil Dupras7+46-25
2022-09-20 19:38cc: implement > <= >= != operatorsVirgil Dupras5+29-16
2022-09-20 19:05cc: fix bug in binop tree mangling logicVirgil Dupras4+18-15
2022-09-19 20:05cc/lib: implement fscanf in CVirgil Dupras4+73-38
2022-09-19 20:02cc/vm/i386: fix backward jumpsVirgil Dupras2+5-3
2022-09-19 18:50cc: add while and do..whileVirgil Dupras5+51-6
2022-09-19 17:45cc/lib: implement fprintf in CVirgil Dupras1+22-34
2022-09-19 17:42cc: fix broken for loopVirgil Dupras3+8-6
2022-09-19 17:07cc: allow ident inside [] operatorVirgil Dupras3+13-10
2022-09-19 16:40cc: add "ttr", a tree transformation unitVirgil Dupras5+110-39
2022-09-19 13:24cc: structify ast and move a bunch of words from gen to astVirgil Dupras2+84-66
2022-09-18 23:16cc/lib: prototyping what the C "fprintf" will look likeVirgil Dupras1+32-1
2022-09-18 20:21cc: operations can now have variable widthVirgil Dupras6+21-8
2022-09-18 18:22asm/i386: add movclr,Virgil Dupras2+47-54
2022-09-18 14:46cc/vm: make VMOp :compile's width dependent on typeVirgil Dupras7+50-8
2022-09-18 13:06cc/vm: move &op>op and *op>op to VMOp structVirgil Dupras5+41-52
2022-09-18 12:13cc/gen: simplify VMOp selectionVirgil Dupras2+10-18
2022-09-17 13:57cc/vm/i386: remove selop1/selop2 callsVirgil Dupras2+76-70
2022-09-17 12:33cc/vm/i386: use only one VMOp in postopsVirgil Dupras2+5-5
2022-09-17 12:13cc/vm: include type in VMOp :push/:popVirgil Dupras1+4-3
2022-09-17 12:07cc/vm/i386: move opAsm to VMOp :compileVirgil Dupras1+47-42
2022-09-17 11:55cc/vm/forth: remove usage of selop1/selop2Virgil Dupras4+25-28
2022-09-17 11:37cc/vm: add "type" fieldVirgil Dupras6+26-20
2022-09-16 19:19cc/vm/forth: make PS tracking exactVirgil Dupras3+50-30
2022-09-16 14:21cc/vm: consolidate and clarify codeVirgil Dupras6+162-146
2022-09-15 23:51cc/vm/forth: fix PS corruption bugVirgil Dupras2+9-4
2022-09-15 23:04cc/vm/forth: remove argsframe copyingVirgil Dupras2+34-34
2022-09-15 22:26cc/vm/forth: make binop= compilation tighterVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2022-09-15 22:00cc/vm: introduce vmop^Virgil Dupras2+6-6
2022-09-15 21:37cc/vm: rename Op type to Op locVirgil Dupras4+90-88
2022-09-15 12:46cc/vm: introduce a new Op structVirgil Dupras5+116-113
2022-09-15 11:56cc/vm/forth: add missing "swap" compile in vmmov,Virgil Dupras1+6-4
2022-09-14 20:08cc: fix broken ! opVirgil Dupras4+9-3
2022-09-14 18:12app/cos: blkpack almost compiles...Virgil Dupras3+7-4
2022-09-14 18:01cc/lib: change scanf semanticsVirgil Dupras2+28-15
2022-09-14 16:53cc/lib: implement sprintf fscanf scanf sscanfVirgil Dupras5+47-9
2022-09-14 14:39cc: add signed comparisonsVirgil Dupras9+37-25
2022-09-14 13:23cc: add break statementVirgil Dupras4+31-9
2022-09-14 12:27cc: test that multiple return paths workVirgil Dupras3+20-4
2022-09-14 11:42Add wordsig to constVirgil Dupras2+3-2
2022-09-14 10:58cc: parse EMETA_SIGCNT when calling words from system dictVirgil Dupras7+27-14
2022-09-13 20:29Add word signature metadataVirgil Dupras3+29-8
2022-09-13 19:29Move a bunch of words from bootlo into a new lib/metaVirgil Dupras5+28-21
2022-09-13 18:32cc/lib: implement fprintf, fputs, putsVirgil Dupras5+68-22
2022-09-12 21:25sys/io: move :close method from File to IO structVirgil Dupras6+9-10
2022-09-12 20:27sys/io: fix broken stdoutVirgil Dupras2+2-2
2022-09-12 18:22Refactor I/OsVirgil Dupras11+162-86
2022-09-09 20:33cc/lib: add rudimentary printfVirgil Dupras2+12-1
2022-09-09 19:56Add \n \r and \0 escapes in string literalsVirgil Dupras8+83-21
2022-09-09 12:53cc: make string literal parsing piggy-back on ,"Virgil Dupras2+10-7
2022-09-09 12:17sys/io: add "putback" fieldVirgil Dupras10+36-34
2022-09-09 11:25cc/lib: new unit, the C libraryVirgil Dupras4+15-2
2022-09-08 20:15cc: add ":cfunc" for compiling C "inline"Virgil Dupras6+43-10
2022-09-08 19:01cc: use stdin directly instead of defining cc<Virgil Dupras3+9-10
2022-09-08 18:52Move lib/io to sys/ioVirgil Dupras5+1-11
2022-09-08 18:46lib/io: move getc and putc into the IO namespaceVirgil Dupras4+17-24
2022-09-08 18:23Add struct+[Virgil Dupras6+43-24
2022-09-08 16:23Make extended struct's namespace directly accessible during definitionVirgil Dupras8+97-61
2022-09-08 11:59lib/io: introduce StdIn and StdOutVirgil Dupras6+52-36
2022-09-07 21:19cc: forth vm is passing all tests!Virgil Dupras9+163-60
2022-09-07 19:20cvm: don't bypass emit in rtypeVirgil Dupras1+4-1
2022-09-07 12:52cvm: add little disassembler toolVirgil Dupras3+181-1
2022-09-06 20:44cc: simplify vmcall, semanticsVirgil Dupras3+11-11
2022-09-06 18:44cc: fix incorrect testVirgil Dupras2+2-2
2022-09-05 21:44cc: add jumps to forth vmVirgil Dupras2+41-10
2022-09-05 21:17cc: add postop to forth vmVirgil Dupras2+25-2
2022-09-05 21:00cc: add unary ops to forth vmVirgil Dupras2+33-0
2022-09-05 19:47cc: improve forth vmVirgil Dupras5+72-49
2022-09-04 18:33cc: improve forth vmVirgil Dupras12+126-50
2022-09-04 17:05cc: begin working on a Forth VMVirgil Dupras4+109-53
2022-09-04 14:02cc: struct-ify the AST some moreVirgil Dupras2+65-61
2022-09-04 13:50Extract "compword" from "runword" behaviorVirgil Dupras4+59-39
2022-09-03 13:00cc: begin struct-ifing the ASTVirgil Dupras3+94-78
2022-09-03 12:30Remove mtools from build manifestVirgil Dupras1+0-1
2022-09-03 12:27cc: create Node structVirgil Dupras5+221-208
2022-09-03 11:19cc: run as many tests as possible on unsupported platformsVirgil Dupras3+5-2
2022-09-02 19:41Add doc/dictVirgil Dupras2+163-27
2022-09-02 18:08Use "kvm" accelerator under QEMU when availableVirgil Dupras2+244-2
2022-09-01 20:04Add "rfree"Virgil Dupras5+16-4
2022-09-01 19:47cvm: remove stderrVirgil Dupras1+2-7
2022-09-01 17:09Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+28-20
2022-09-01 16:25Dusk is self-hosting for real!Virgil Dupras3+109-77
2022-09-01 16:21fs/fat: fix cache corruption bugVirgil Dupras2+15-12
2022-09-01 11:17Dusk is theoretically self-hosting!Virgil Dupras8+30-51
2022-09-01 10:51fs/fat: fix "." and ".." entries created by :newdirVirgil Dupras2+9-6
2022-08-31 20:28PC self-hosting: second stepVirgil Dupras2+44-3
2022-08-31 19:05PC self-hosting: first stepVirgil Dupras5+26-4
2022-08-30 18:15Add Binary Width Modulation mechanismVirgil Dupras14+471-215
2022-08-29 21:53Move "to" semantics up a notch in "immediateness"Virgil Dupras7+27-82
2022-08-29 18:25Move to? and [to] to bootloVirgil Dupras3+27-47
2022-08-29 18:13Remove (val) and (alias)Virgil Dupras4+10-48
2022-08-29 18:05Remove system aliases from kernel and replace them with mem constsVirgil Dupras3+34-39
2022-08-29 17:46Remove (to) and define "here" in bootloVirgil Dupras4+24-63
2022-08-26 13:10sys/file: add Path :copydirVirgil Dupras6+67-28
2022-08-24 18:00Make Filesystem :iter take a callback word and remove :nextVirgil Dupras6+46-67
2022-08-24 01:11Add local variablesVirgil Dupras5+63-7
2022-08-23 21:49fs/fat: fix FAT12 crossover bugVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-08-22 15:59Replace native r@ and rallot words with r', and r+,Virgil Dupras3+37-40
2022-08-22 13:34Add "rallot" and make all RS-related words into compiler wordsVirgil Dupras4+54-54
2022-08-21 15:26fs/fat: implement :iter and :nextVirgil Dupras3+26-6
2022-08-21 14:00fs/fat: simplify :newdirVirgil Dupras1+12-15
2022-08-21 13:13sys/file: add Filesystem :newdirVirgil Dupras6+52-17
2022-08-20 12:30Merge fs/fat tests into sys/file testsVirgil Dupras4+19-32
2022-08-20 12:08cvm: (re)make the POSIX FS read-onlyVirgil Dupras6+34-81
2022-08-20 11:40drv/pc/ata: implement tight loops in assemblerVirgil Dupras1+19-4
2022-08-20 11:18drv/pc/ata: implement ata!Virgil Dupras4+23-15
2022-08-19 19:32Add Filesystem :removeVirgil Dupras7+111-31
2022-08-19 13:31sys/file: add Path :listdirVirgil Dupras5+67-7
2022-08-19 11:51sys/file: complete FSInfo implementationVirgil Dupras6+61-24
2022-08-19 00:26sys/file: move File :copy to Path :copyfileVirgil Dupras5+28-28
2022-08-18 21:15sys/file: rewrite Path :find to add a path indirectionVirgil Dupras16+90-99
2022-08-18 18:23sys/file: introduce Path structureVirgil Dupras10+107-77
2022-08-18 16:02Add implicit "SZ" const to all structsVirgil Dupras3+3-4
2022-08-17 18:33sys/file: add File :copyVirgil Dupras8+55-25
2022-08-17 11:57sys/file: add "curfs" and change the meaning of "activefs"Virgil Dupras4+30-10
2022-08-17 11:42Replace structbind' with :selfVirgil Dupras4+19-12
2022-08-15 19:44sys/file: introduce drive letters in pathsVirgil Dupras5+36-5
2022-08-15 18:14fs/fat: add :infoVirgil Dupras7+109-68
2022-08-15 16:52fs/fat: move things around a bitVirgil Dupras4+120-117
2022-08-15 12:32fs/fat: FAT write tests are back onlineVirgil Dupras3+36-42
2022-08-14 19:53fs/fat: add newFAT12Virgil Dupras4+54-16
2022-08-14 13:16fs/fat: make fs/fat.fs compile againVirgil Dupras5+108-91
2022-08-13 18:38cvm: add the ability to mount any file on the host has a driveVirgil Dupras2+48-9
2022-08-13 13:14Fix broken "words" wordVirgil Dupras3+3-8
2022-08-13 12:45fs/fat: remove FATCursors and its structbind "cursors"Virgil Dupras1+30-33
2022-08-13 11:51fs/fat: make the FAT structure data be allocated dynamicallyVirgil Dupras2+18-20
2022-08-13 11:27floaded is a linked listVirgil Dupras2+5-4
2022-08-13 11:16Make "activefs" into a structbind instead of an aliasVirgil Dupras6+15-16
2022-08-13 10:41Add an indirection to compiled structbindsVirgil Dupras3+16-3
2022-08-13 10:36fs/fat: remove last references to global "FATFS" bindVirgil Dupras1+12-10
2022-08-13 00:57fs/fat: untangle some moreVirgil Dupras1+36-33
2022-08-12 23:57fs/fat: untangle things a bitVirgil Dupras6+16-24
2022-08-12 22:47fs/fat: move fatseek fatreadbuf fatclose to the FATFile structVirgil Dupras1+32-28
2022-08-12 19:43fs/fat: move readsectors and readcluster to FAT structVirgil Dupras2+15-11
2022-08-12 19:27fs/fat: create a FATCursors structVirgil Dupras1+18-18
2022-08-12 18:39fs/fat: move dir-related words to FAT structureVirgil Dupras2+63-65
2022-08-12 18:16fs/fat: create DirEntry structVirgil Dupras2+22-21
2022-08-12 18:01fs/fat: move nextsector? to FAT structVirgil Dupras2+19-18
2022-08-12 17:50fs/fat: rename FATFields to FATVirgil Dupras1+5-5
2022-08-12 17:49fs/fat: move FAT@ to FATFieldsVirgil Dupras2+63-63
2022-08-12 17:37fs/fat: move a bunch of words to FATFieldsVirgil Dupras2+34-31
2022-08-12 17:24fs/fat: move readsector to FATFields structVirgil Dupras1+25-22
2022-08-12 17:03fs/fat: move fatbuf( in _FATFS structureVirgil Dupras1+23-23
2022-08-12 16:51fs/fat: make FAT headers being copied into the structure as-isVirgil Dupras2+14-15
2022-08-12 13:41Refactor structs againVirgil Dupras6+166-104
2022-08-12 11:18fs/fat: fix indirection level for fatdrvVirgil Dupras6+15-26
2022-08-11 14:17fs/fat: allocate cursor only when neededVirgil Dupras4+41-8
2022-08-11 13:16fs/fat: make cursors into proper structsVirgil Dupras2+63-62
2022-08-11 11:56fs/fat: melt away some wordsVirgil Dupras2+27-30
2022-08-11 11:24Add IO and File structuresVirgil Dupras9+24-28
2022-08-11 00:14Add ability for structs to extend each otherVirgil Dupras5+45-30
2022-08-10 23:34Create a Drive structureVirgil Dupras12+47-49
2022-08-10 22:45Refactor structsVirgil Dupras8+106-111
2022-08-10 03:10Add new (to) native wordVirgil Dupras5+58-25
2022-08-10 16:07In structs, move the field code into the fields themselvesVirgil Dupras1+7-7
2022-08-10 15:38Allow "entry" to create entries in any dictionaryVirgil Dupras6+12-55
2022-08-10 15:20De-value-ize sysdict and nextmetaVirgil Dupras5+26-34
2022-08-10 15:00Harmonize dictionary and linked listsVirgil Dupras9+67-51
2022-08-10 11:49Use a dictionary instead of a linked list for struct fieldsVirgil Dupras1+14-17
2022-08-10 11:37cvm: add memory bounds checksVirgil Dupras1+22-7
2022-08-10 10:51Change find semanticVirgil Dupras5+21-15
2022-08-10 01:57Have struct fields hold their own offsetsVirgil Dupras1+11-7
2022-08-10 00:02Create the Filesystem structVirgil Dupras11+54-61
2022-08-09 20:28xcomp: add comments and spurious whitespace stripping toolVirgil Dupras2+15-1
2022-08-09 19:31Make each structure have their own "last instance" bufferVirgil Dupras3+29-31
2022-08-09 19:16Add "does'"Virgil Dupras2+4-0
2022-08-09 17:48Make "struct" into something more elegant and convenientVirgil Dupras11+134-29
2022-08-09 11:57De-value-ize "compiling"Virgil Dupras4+31-19
2022-08-09 01:58fs/fat: add some more indirectionVirgil Dupras6+79-44
2022-08-08 18:55wipVirgil Dupras9+100-27
2022-08-08 23:04pc: straigten out memory layoutVirgil Dupras6+29-29
2022-08-08 16:13fs/fat: assert that FAT and drive sector sizes matchVirgil Dupras4+7-6
2022-08-08 14:51Some more bootlo jujitsuVirgil Dupras3+43-43
2022-08-08 13:16Slim down kernels a bit with some bootlo jujitsuVirgil Dupras5+48-74
2022-08-08 10:40posix/vm: fix compilation under cygwinVirgil Dupras2+2-1
2022-08-07 18:51xcomp/tools: fix broken orgifydictVirgil Dupras2+7-7
2022-08-07 17:43drv/pc/ich: add PCI fields specific to the ICHn familyVirgil Dupras2+13-1
2022-08-07 16:51README: remove bad exampleVirgil Dupras1+2-10
2022-08-07 13:46README: Who is Dusk for?Virgil Dupras1+47-6
2022-08-07 12:16drv/pc/pci: make PCI fields writableVirgil Dupras6+126-61
2022-08-06 18:32drv/pc/pci: add ability to print full headers for type 1 devicesVirgil Dupras1+17-2
2022-08-06 16:24drv/pc/pci: refactor to allow more fieldsVirgil Dupras5+101-27
2022-08-06 12:59Replace entry-based annotations with linked lists based metadataVirgil Dupras13+85-71
2022-08-06 00:50Move ufields from lib/struct to bootlo, as "field"Virgil Dupras8+47-55
2022-08-05 23:27doc: add code.txtVirgil Dupras1+56-0
2022-08-05 23:03Rename r~ to rdropVirgil Dupras11+20-21
2022-08-04 17:58Replace dusk.asm with the C VMVirgil Dupras11+96-1023
2022-08-04 15:34cvm: we have prompt!Virgil Dupras5+57-153
2022-08-04 13:05cvm: add FS supportVirgil Dupras2+113-11
2022-08-04 01:17cvm: the whole of bootlo compilesVirgil Dupras2+303-139
2022-08-03 21:58cvm: we have a mainloop!Virgil Dupras2+96-26
2022-08-03 21:26cvm: add parseVirgil Dupras2+61-15
2022-08-03 20:43cvm: Helloworld!Virgil Dupras2+91-19
2022-08-03 19:57cvm: second stepVirgil Dupras1+56-46
2022-08-03 14:14Dusk CVM: first stepsVirgil Dupras3+584-0
2022-08-03 01:23Introduce the ARCH constantVirgil Dupras14+382-363
2022-08-02 23:10Add automated tests for PC platform under QEMUVirgil Dupras4+21-2
2022-08-02 21:58Simplify "chain" with "to@!"Virgil Dupras1+1-2
2022-08-02 21:32Replace "unaliases" with "chain"Virgil Dupras6+55-15
2022-08-02 20:09doc: Document "parens" wordsVirgil Dupras1+34-0
2022-08-02 18:42pc: setup IDTVirgil Dupras3+22-10
2022-08-01 20:00pc: make MBR boot process a bit more robustVirgil Dupras2+31-15
2022-08-01 19:59asm/i386: improve in/out semanticsVirgil Dupras2+15-9
2022-08-01 11:46asm/i386: fix spurious SIB byte writes in real modeVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-07-31 19:23drv/pc/pci: add enumeration capabilitiesVirgil Dupras1+49-4
2022-07-31 12:36Introduce the Drive APIVirgil Dupras15+71-85
2022-07-30 19:43Hum, maybe it won't be this easy...Virgil Dupras1+2-0
2022-07-30 19:27drv/pc/ata: first stepsVirgil Dupras8+82-6
2022-07-30 18:09Make "abort" at boot time halt the machineVirgil Dupras3+29-10
2022-07-29 17:10drv/pc/idt: stubVirgil Dupras5+45-29
2022-07-29 11:28Add PS/2 subsystemVirgil Dupras6+82-25
2022-07-28 16:47drv/vga: add scrollingVirgil Dupras2+11-5
2022-07-28 01:14Replace "with" with "to@!"Virgil Dupras8+11-64
2022-07-27 12:14Sorry RalfVirgil Dupras1+2-2
2022-07-27 12:09grid: add cursorVirgil Dupras4+15-11
2022-07-27 11:49Add REFS.mdVirgil Dupras1+30-0
2022-07-27 01:26Add drv/pc/com and fiddle with emit/key mechanismsVirgil Dupras7+31-16
2022-07-27 00:06pc: make "bye" shutdown QEMUVirgil Dupras3+31-4
2022-07-26 23:45pc: have it run the whole test suite successfullyVirgil Dupras9+13-9
2022-07-26 21:11cc: add missing dependency in cc/astVirgil Dupras1+1-0
2022-07-26 20:44i386: small optimizationsVirgil Dupras1+13-22
2022-07-26 20:43grid: make it nicerVirgil Dupras1+4-3
2022-07-26 18:44cc: fix bad code generation on naked "if (x)" testsVirgil Dupras2+8-6
2022-07-26 18:12Replace "exitonabort" with more flexible "byefail"Virgil Dupras3+8-16
2022-07-26 16:36Update README instructions for bare metalVirgil Dupras1+7-3
2022-07-26 16:19pc: rudimentary grid system gives us a usable promptVirgil Dupras5+31-11
2022-07-26 15:20pc: we have prompt!Virgil Dupras4+60-5
2022-07-26 11:23pc: getting good with initVirgil Dupras4+20-4
2022-07-26 10:25Separate init.fs into two parts to be joined at build timeVirgil Dupras9+28-24
2022-07-26 01:39i386: booting up to init.fs!Virgil Dupras10+133-15
2022-07-25 17:34i386: have the MBR boot on actual hardwareVirgil Dupras1+3-2
2022-07-25 15:43pc: use FAT's BPB_RsvdSecCnt to know how many sectors to read in bootloaderVirgil Dupras1+4-3
2022-07-25 14:58pc: the PC image is now a full FAT image with the whole of fs/ in it.Virgil Dupras6+39-22
2022-07-25 14:16i386: the whole of /xcomp/bootlo.fs now compilesVirgil Dupras5+114-34
2022-07-25 11:54i386: implement a big bunch of wordsVirgil Dupras2+144-8
2022-07-25 11:08i386: we have :Virgil Dupras3+70-8
2022-07-24 19:06i386: add c, , move move, (wnf) ' entryVirgil Dupras3+112-38
2022-07-24 18:09i386: add parse runwordVirgil Dupras3+136-26
2022-07-24 16:08i386: have mainloop feed from boot.fsVirgil Dupras2+4-15
2022-07-24 16:05i386: add findVirgil Dupras3+49-4
2022-07-24 13:35i386: add dup swap c@ 1+ 1- wordVirgil Dupras3+98-9
2022-07-24 11:39i386: add boot< in<Virgil Dupras3+24-1
2022-07-24 11:22i386: add emit rtypeVirgil Dupras1+28-11
2022-07-24 00:43asm/i386: support modrm jmp and callVirgil Dupras2+3-5
2022-07-23 23:53i386: add (s) (br) (?br) (next)Virgil Dupras2+47-14
2022-07-23 21:56i386: implement [to] !Virgil Dupras3+50-16
2022-07-23 19:20fs/fat: handle sector cross-over special case in FAT12Virgil Dupras3+13-4
2022-07-23 12:26i386: implement (alias) abort quitVirgil Dupras2+23-5
2022-07-23 12:07i386: we're rollin'! ESP, EBP set. (val) implementedVirgil Dupras2+32-4
2022-07-23 11:30i386: begin structuring the boot binaryVirgil Dupras8+71-18
2022-07-23 10:29asm: add labels, making forward jumps more convenientVirgil Dupras6+88-7
2022-07-22 20:06pc: initialize all segmentsVirgil Dupras4+22-12
2022-07-22 19:28pc: we have protected mode, Hi!Virgil Dupras5+29-11
2022-07-22 11:57asm/i386: add ability to MOV to/from special (CR*, DR*, TR*) registersVirgil Dupras1+19-10
2022-07-22 00:37asm/i386: add the ability to MOV from/to segment registersVirgil Dupras1+13-3
2022-07-21 23:51asm/i386: improve modrm handling in 16bit modeVirgil Dupras1+17-6
2022-07-21 19:20pc: separate bootloader and payloadVirgil Dupras4+16-7
2022-07-21 15:22asm/i386: add "realmode" flagVirgil Dupras2+30-36
2022-07-21 12:16asm/i386: make all jumps relativeVirgil Dupras4+19-8
2022-07-21 01:10Bare metal on PC: first tiny stepVirgil Dupras6+35-1
2022-07-20 20:11cc: add <<= and >>=Virgil Dupras4+14-6
2022-07-20 19:57cc: allow multiple declarations of the same type on the same lineVirgil Dupras3+14-13
2022-07-20 19:17doc: lib or sys?Virgil Dupras1+32-0
2022-07-20 14:32Refresh doc/archVirgil Dupras1+48-17
2022-07-20 12:26sys/file: make fopen and fnewfile take "id" as an inputVirgil Dupras12+41-70
2022-07-20 11:34Remove "bootfile"Virgil Dupras7+5-10
2022-07-20 11:17sys/file: implement chdir findpathdir and findpathVirgil Dupras7+67-17
2022-07-20 02:17Introduce the concept of "File/Directory ID" in the File APIVirgil Dupras4+60-6
2022-07-19 21:36Propagate the "prelude" concept to the File APIVirgil Dupras5+48-47
2022-07-19 21:13More I/O restructuringVirgil Dupras4+8-17
2022-07-19 20:28More I/O restructuringVirgil Dupras3+10-8
2022-07-19 20:08Begin I/O restructuringVirgil Dupras5+99-37
2022-07-19 18:45app/cos: drafting blkpack.c and identify TODOsVirgil Dupras2+109-0
2022-07-19 18:14cc: make functions have internal linkage by default and add "extern"Virgil Dupras6+53-33
2022-07-19 17:50lib/io: add readlineVirgil Dupras5+36-12
2022-07-19 01:16fs/fat: replace fatputc with fatwritebufVirgil Dupras2+8-8
2022-07-19 00:51fs/fat: fix shady business with read/write pos increasesVirgil Dupras3+33-28
2022-07-18 21:02sys/file: add freadbuf and fwritebuf to protocolVirgil Dupras6+62-26
2022-07-18 18:33doc: update cc macro docsVirgil Dupras1+13-21
2022-07-18 18:12cc: add macrosVirgil Dupras6+105-20
2022-07-18 12:11Make dusk.asm slightly tighterVirgil Dupras2+27-30
2022-07-16 00:45cc: properly call function with void return typeVirgil Dupras5+33-20
2022-07-15 23:51doc: add caveats about calling Forth words from CVirgil Dupras3+21-13
2022-07-15 21:38doc: correct and improve documentation on CC args and local framesVirgil Dupras1+99-13
2022-07-15 20:07cc/vm: move the stack frame from PS to RSVirgil Dupras3+15-13
2022-07-15 16:50cc/vm: add the VM_*ARGSFRAME optypeVirgil Dupras1+11-5
2022-07-15 15:52cc: add new ps+>op word in cc/vmVirgil Dupras5+36-20
2022-07-15 14:50asm/i386: add d) support to sp registerVirgil Dupras2+26-7
2022-07-15 14:20asm/i386: push immediateVirgil Dupras2+11-5
2022-07-15 12:39cc/vm: replace old assembler with asm/i386Virgil Dupras7+40-216
2022-07-15 12:06asm/i386: add all ops that the old assembler hasVirgil Dupras2+65-45
2022-07-14 17:23asm/i386: New i386 assemblerVirgil Dupras4+246-0
2022-07-13 10:54cc: add pspush() and pspop()Virgil Dupras6+34-6
2022-07-13 10:11cc: allow implicit returns in statementsVirgil Dupras3+9-2
2022-07-12 15:50lib/crc: working!Virgil Dupras9+24-8
2022-07-12 15:02add with-stdin-filebinarycat3+6-1
2022-07-12 13:21sys/file: use with[] and remove dependency on sys/scratchVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2022-07-10 16:10inline variant of withbinarycat3+8-1
2022-07-12 12:50Extract /lib/scratch from /sys/scratchVirgil Dupras4+55-27
2022-07-12 11:50cc: add for loopsVirgil Dupras7+66-28
2022-07-12 00:21cc: add << and >> binopsVirgil Dupras6+21-5
2022-07-11 21:36asm: add shl, and shr,Virgil Dupras2+32-8
2022-07-11 14:56add "bootfile" wordbinarycat6+8-3
2022-07-11 15:24cc: add & ^ | binopsVirgil Dupras10+30-10
2022-07-11 13:44Actually, let's reduce the scope a bitVirgil Dupras2+16-16
2022-07-11 13:07New short term goal: compile lib/crc.cVirgil Dupras1+28-0
2022-07-10 17:07Make "word" treat EOF as a whitespaceVirgil Dupras2+6-4
2022-07-10 11:14fs/fat: implement fatputc!Virgil Dupras3+58-3
2022-07-09 11:23README: new "Collective effort" sectionVirgil Dupras1+33-1
2022-07-08 16:24Shorten the running RS a little bitVirgil Dupras2+2-2
2022-07-08 15:20print backtrace on errorbinarycat6+22-3
2022-07-08 14:01fs/fat: add fatseekVirgil Dupras1+34-14
2022-07-08 12:48fs/fat: add "flags" field to file cursorsVirgil Dupras1+21-13
2022-07-08 11:37Update NEXTSTEPS.mdVirgil Dupras1+17-30
2022-07-07 12:57Makefile: properly detect changes for fatfs regenerationVirgil Dupras1+2-1
2022-07-06 20:11fs/fat: tweak cluster reading logic during getcVirgil Dupras1+21-22
2022-07-06 18:47Move autoloading code to bootVirgil Dupras18+38-39
2022-07-06 18:21fs/fat: don't use (drv!) in fatloVirgil Dupras2+2-1
2022-07-06 13:14fs/fat: add fatnewfileVirgil Dupras3+61-0
2022-07-06 12:00fs/fat: handle "." and ".." properlyVirgil Dupras2+39-24
2022-07-05 19:27fs/fat: add "fatchdir"Virgil Dupras3+44-37
2022-07-05 18:04fs/fat: use smaller buffersVirgil Dupras3+55-41
2022-07-04 12:25README: roadmap updateVirgil Dupras1+28-8
2022-07-04 12:00cc: reverse argument order in stack frameVirgil Dupras6+62-41
2022-07-03 20:27cc: support function calls of function calls!Virgil Dupras5+30-16
2022-07-03 19:57asm: add the ability to call/jmp to a modrmVirgil Dupras3+25-7
2022-07-03 18:15cc/ast: simplifyVirgil Dupras1+12-15
2022-07-03 18:01cc: change AST_FUNCALL semanticsVirgil Dupras3+58-56
2022-07-03 17:22Rename "call," to "execute,"Virgil Dupras3+6-6
2022-07-03 17:18cc: make vmcall>op1, use selected op as an argumentVirgil Dupras2+9-6
2022-07-03 15:25cc: add string literalsVirgil Dupras5+33-14
2022-07-03 14:14Change "find" signature from ( str -- w? f ) to ( str -- word-or-0 )Virgil Dupras3+7-12
2022-07-03 11:36cc: allow calling Forth words from the system dictVirgil Dupras4+13-5
2022-07-03 11:23Rename fs/boot to fs/fatloVirgil Dupras6+184-182
2022-07-02 11:57cc: rename AST_LVALUE to AST_IDENTVirgil Dupras2+11-11
2022-07-02 00:54fs/boot: Add FAT12 supportVirgil Dupras3+18-10
2022-07-01 23:48getc now returns -1 when EOF is reachedVirgil Dupras8+41-24
2022-07-01 19:50Rename fread to fgetcVirgil Dupras3+3-3
2022-07-01 19:44Boosting available memoryVirgil Dupras1+1-2
2022-07-01 19:39Remove "lnxcall" and fs/linux.fsVirgil Dupras2+0-29
2022-07-01 19:37Runs on FAT16!Virgil Dupras5+21-9
2022-07-01 19:07Add namespaces to FS words and a "glue" part fo boot.fsVirgil Dupras3+6-4
2022-07-01 18:59Isolate zstring handling to fs/linuxVirgil Dupras4+9-13
2022-07-01 18:38Move boot.fs to fs/ and split it in threeVirgil Dupras6+135-130
2022-07-01 18:31fs/boot: add findpathVirgil Dupras2+26-9
2022-07-01 17:59fs/boot: implement fat16closeVirgil Dupras2+15-10
2022-07-01 17:47fs/boot: can read subdirsVirgil Dupras3+20-8
2022-07-01 17:03add documentation for loading filesbinarycat1+20-0
2022-07-01 13:14fs/boot: support files with multiple clustersVirgil Dupras3+25-7
2022-06-30 16:55filter subsystem reduxbinarycat6+67-0
2022-06-30 17:01in-depth documentation for value and aliasbinarycat1+55-0
2022-06-30 18:15fs/boot: we're reading something!Virgil Dupras2+58-6
2022-06-30 11:43fs/boot: add directory entries bufferVirgil Dupras3+24-15
2022-06-30 01:03fs/boot: first stepsVirgil Dupras11+150-88
2022-06-29 20:26sys/drive: add "drvseek"Virgil Dupras3+20-9
2022-06-29 19:34Add sys/driveVirgil Dupras7+45-12
2022-06-29 19:10Add word "require"Virgil Dupras4+5-4
2022-06-29 18:53fatfs and ramdrive: first stepsVirgil Dupras10+51-1
2022-06-29 11:39cc: add global variable support in cc/genVirgil Dupras4+35-13
2022-06-29 10:51cc/vm: add VM_*CONSTANT optypeVirgil Dupras2+18-1
2022-06-29 10:38asm: add [i32] operand typeVirgil Dupras2+14-3
2022-06-29 00:18Add lib/io, which defines stdinVirgil Dupras7+25-7
2022-06-28 21:13Add str>zstr to sys/scratch and make lib/file use itVirgil Dupras3+9-8
2022-06-28 20:37Extract a few words from core into other unitsVirgil Dupras10+85-81
2022-06-28 20:03Tiny changesVirgil Dupras2+3-3
2022-06-28 18:54Move a few words from boot.fs to lib/coreVirgil Dupras2+33-27
2022-06-28 18:49Remove iin<Virgil Dupras2+2-9
2022-06-28 18:43Simplify I/O structuresVirgil Dupras9+53-32
2022-06-27 16:49Add documentationbinarycat1+18-0
2022-06-27 18:06cc: remove cc/mapVirgil Dupras5+31-78
2022-06-27 16:57cc: remove variable mapVirgil Dupras3+35-27
2022-06-26 19:12cc: AST parsing for global variablesVirgil Dupras4+35-16
2022-06-26 18:45cc: tweak AST for initialization assignmentVirgil Dupras2+11-9
2022-06-26 18:35cc: move "sfoff" field from Varmap to AST_DECLARE and remove VarmapVirgil Dupras3+29-31
2022-06-26 14:23fix error messages properlybinarycat2+8-1
2022-06-26 16:17Add "OpenBSD" section to READMEVirgil Dupras1+5-0
2022-06-25 12:44Clarify "Why build this OS?" in READMEVirgil Dupras1+8-4
2022-06-25 11:01Add sys/xhereVirgil Dupras4+32-3
2022-06-25 10:32Add ".free" to know about remaining "here" spaceVirgil Dupras4+11-3
2022-06-25 10:14Add word ".sz"Virgil Dupras2+21-2
2022-06-25 01:35Add the "." wordVirgil Dupras2+5-0
2022-06-25 01:27Add /mod kernel wordVirgil Dupras2+14-0
2022-06-24 23:25Use autoloading everywhere!Virgil Dupras11+32-32
2022-06-24 23:20Autoloadingbinarycat3+25-3
2022-06-24 23:03Add output capture capabilities to tets harnessVirgil Dupras6+39-19
2022-06-24 17:08Make "emit" into an aliasVirgil Dupras1+6-1
2022-06-24 16:55Rearrange testsVirgil Dupras8+57-50
2022-06-23 19:17cc/tree: make node fields into lib/struct's ufieldsVirgil Dupras4+24-31
2022-06-23 18:27cc: replace cc/tree's data{1,4} with proper ufields for each AST node typeVirgil Dupras7+63-62
2022-06-23 18:04cc: make funcmap fields into lib/struct unbounded fieldsVirgil Dupras3+29-12
2022-06-23 17:32cc: make vmap into a structVirgil Dupras2+10-8
2022-06-23 10:06Move annotate/doc files around and make sys/doc load by defaultVirgil Dupras4+22-20
2022-06-22 19:16Add sys/annotatebinarycat5+52-3
2022-06-23 01:12Add lib/structVirgil Dupras4+54-0
2022-06-22 16:03Update status in READMEVirgil Dupras1+27-10
2022-06-22 15:51cc: add hex and char literalsVirgil Dupras3+38-28
2022-06-22 15:33cc: add commentsVirgil Dupras2+21-3
2022-06-22 01:21cc: add support for array assignmentVirgil Dupras4+41-9
2022-06-21 20:51cc: add [] array notationVirgil Dupras3+19-12
2022-06-21 20:16cc: allow pointer aithmetics with array variablesVirgil Dupras5+8-6
2022-06-21 19:55cc: undo a bad dayVirgil Dupras5+37-42
2022-06-21 18:16cc/vm: add VM_*STACKFRAME optypeVirgil Dupras3+43-40
2022-06-21 16:01Correct and clarify x86 stack frame diagramVirgil Dupras1+7-7
2022-06-21 15:40cc: contain x86 Stack Frame weirdness to cc/vmVirgil Dupras4+27-18
2022-06-21 15:22cc: straighten out binop generation and SF offsetsVirgil Dupras5+92-12
2022-06-21 11:04cc: drop requirement for logical operators to shortcutVirgil Dupras4+14-20
2022-06-20 22:20cc/gen: remove special case for '=' binopVirgil Dupras2+56-48
2022-06-20 17:45cc: make pointer arithmetics a bit more solidVirgil Dupras2+15-8
2022-06-20 16:42Use the new while..repeat construct in a few placesVirgil Dupras3+29-30
2022-06-19 19:06a few useful wordsbinarycat2+18-2
2022-06-19 18:31cc: begin adding pointer arithmetic logicVirgil Dupras6+61-5
2022-06-18 18:44cc: completely overhaul cc/vmVirgil Dupras4+306-232
2022-06-18 14:04Add case..endcaseVirgil Dupras3+41-11
2022-06-17 17:30cc: allow array declaration and allocate them properly in the SFVirgil Dupras4+28-12
2022-06-17 16:49cc: have typesize properly report the size of pointersVirgil Dupras1+1-1
2022-06-17 16:45cc: merge "*lvl" data in AST_DECLARE into the typeVirgil Dupras2+16-12
2022-06-17 15:54Add doc/designVirgil Dupras2+46-1
2022-06-17 14:08cc: allow void functions to return no valueVirgil Dupras3+6-2
2022-06-17 13:58cc: add return type info to function ASTVirgil Dupras1+9-8
2022-06-17 13:40cc: parse the "unsigned" keyword and apply it to typesVirgil Dupras5+52-49
2022-06-17 13:26cc: add typesVirgil Dupras3+42-12
2022-06-17 11:27cc: add () expressions support.Virgil Dupras3+26-17
2022-06-17 00:10cc: add postfix ++ and --Virgil Dupras5+41-11
2022-06-16 19:13cc: add ++ and -- operatorsVirgil Dupras6+26-10
2022-06-16 18:31lib/str: add "stringlist" structureVirgil Dupras4+22-28
2022-06-16 18:17Allow S" to be used in interpret modeVirgil Dupras3+7-6
2022-06-16 17:43cc/tok: properly tokenize symbolsVirgil Dupras2+67-16
2022-06-16 14:31cc: have proper tokenization rules for identifiersVirgil Dupras6+33-7
2022-06-16 00:56cc: simplify cc/ast's assign parsingVirgil Dupras2+80-124
2022-06-15 23:18Add fs/doc/cc.txtVirgil Dupras3+28-2
2022-06-15 20:34cc: add "else" support in if statementVirgil Dupras4+11-4
2022-06-15 20:22cc: add if statementVirgil Dupras5+55-33
2022-06-15 19:04cc: allow stack frame reference to be passed in funcall args that aren't 1stVirgil Dupras3+19-16
2022-06-15 17:36cc: move remaining direct asm references in cc/gen to cc/vmVirgil Dupras2+36-28
2022-06-15 16:51cc: make some more of cc/gen use cc/vmVirgil Dupras4+163-98
2022-06-15 10:38cc: begin using cc/vm in cc/genVirgil Dupras2+4-8
2022-06-15 10:11cc: add stackframe args to the vmVirgil Dupras3+20-4
2022-06-15 09:50cc: improve vm.fsVirgil Dupras2+44-6
2022-06-15 01:42cc: begin working on a new "vm" moduleVirgil Dupras3+117-0
2022-06-14 20:45cc: allow AST_LVALUEOP on the left side of AST_ASSIGNVirgil Dupras5+61-22
2022-06-14 17:32cc: pointers!Virgil Dupras3+5-5
2022-06-13 23:16cc: use EDI for lvalue effective addressVirgil Dupras2+5-2
2022-06-13 20:43cc: some more groundwork for pointersVirgil Dupras3+39-17
2022-06-13 19:56cc: some more groundwork for pointersVirgil Dupras2+34-20
2022-06-13 17:17cc: change AST_ASSIGN semanticsVirgil Dupras2+25-20
2022-06-13 14:36cc: laying out the ground work for pointersVirgil Dupras3+19-9
2022-06-13 14:04cc: remove "name" data from AST_ASSIGN nodeVirgil Dupras2+8-8
2022-06-13 13:18cc: allow variable assignment statementsVirgil Dupras4+11-7
2022-06-13 11:27cc: use xdict in map.fs instead of cc/treeVirgil Dupras6+64-65
2022-06-11 00:24Add lib/xdict.fsVirgil Dupras4+49-1
2022-06-10 23:17The scratchpad looks more like a subsystem to me than a lib...Virgil Dupras2+1-1
2022-06-10 21:22Improve "to" semanticsVirgil Dupras5+79-39
2022-06-10 20:18Move some files aroundVirgil Dupras12+39-37
2022-06-10 19:03cc: function calls can have argumentsVirgil Dupras5+27-9
2022-06-10 18:29cc: simplify ast.fs some moreVirgil Dupras1+31-31
2022-06-10 17:44cc: remove the "child slots" concept from tree.fsVirgil Dupras4+31-42
2022-06-10 16:31cc: cleanup ast.fs some moreVirgil Dupras1+22-27
2022-06-10 16:08cc: clean up ast.fs furtherVirgil Dupras1+14-26
2022-06-10 15:37cc: complete overhaul of parseExpressionVirgil Dupras3+51-52
2022-06-10 12:21wipVirgil Dupras1+70-58
2022-06-10 10:38cc: remove Factor AST node typeVirgil Dupras2+8-9
2022-06-10 01:55cc: begin simplifying ast.fsVirgil Dupras1+48-65
2022-06-10 00:31cc: functions can now receive argumentsVirgil Dupras8+48-16
2022-06-09 22:11Add CELLSZ constVirgil Dupras2+34-32
2022-06-09 20:38cc: add function calls!Virgil Dupras6+36-6
2022-06-09 19:41asm: simplify messed up modrm2, wordVirgil Dupras1+13-12
2022-06-09 19:31Bring a little order to asm.fs with does wordsVirgil Dupras3+33-22
2022-06-09 15:21Tweak roadmap in READMEVirgil Dupras1+3-3
2022-06-09 11:40boot: remove misleading commentVirgil Dupras1+0-3
2022-06-09 11:37Move tests in-systemVirgil Dupras19+150-151
2022-06-09 11:13cc: fix PS leak at compilation timeVirgil Dupras3+3-5
2022-06-09 11:04Add NEXTSTEPS.mdVirgil Dupras1+43-0
2022-06-09 10:41Add does and const wordsVirgil Dupras11+80-10
2022-06-09 02:16cc: add variables!Virgil Dupras11+235-88
2022-06-08 19:23cc: replace tree node's "intdata" with data{1,2,3}Virgil Dupras4+16-14
2022-06-08 16:33Make word/parse/find/entry deal with string arguments instead of rangesVirgil Dupras5+32-29
2022-06-08 15:58cc: pass tokens as strings instead of rangesVirgil Dupras4+39-40
2022-06-08 15:26Remove R=Virgil Dupras4+8-12
2022-06-08 12:37Make the (s) literal return a string instead of a rangeVirgil Dupras10+44-34
2022-06-08 11:45Rename S= to R=Virgil Dupras4+7-7
2022-06-08 11:42Re-add strype with its new string semanticVirgil Dupras6+6-6
2022-06-08 11:37Change what a String is in Duck OSVirgil Dupras8+45-19
2022-06-08 11:08Add scratchpad and use it in cc/tokVirgil Dupras4+22-3
2022-06-07 22:11cc: remove flags field from tree nodesVirgil Dupras4+48-38
2022-06-07 19:05cc: add && and || ops and make them shortcut properlyVirgil Dupras8+60-20
2022-06-07 17:26Add comment explaining sysval and sysalias in dusk.asmVirgil Dupras1+4-0
2022-06-07 13:40cc: begin implementing boolean binopsVirgil Dupras5+28-10
2022-06-07 13:02cc: simplify binop code generationVirgil Dupras4+37-32
2022-06-07 11:23cc: refactor code generationVirgil Dupras5+81-98
2022-06-07 10:34Use nasm context stack to avoid prev_word repetition in defword macroVirgil Dupras1+103-91
2022-06-07 01:38Consolidate dusk.asm a little bitVirgil Dupras1+16-24
2022-06-07 01:17Remove the fkernel layerVirgil Dupras12+439-424
2022-06-05 11:39So I had a (s) literal down there that I only used in xcomp...Virgil Dupras1+1-2
2022-06-05 11:35Make boot< native and move in> to sys/rdln.fsVirgil Dupras4+12-6
2022-06-05 11:26Move string literals to lib/core.fsVirgil Dupras4+20-23
2022-06-05 11:09Extract /lib/core/fs from boot.fsVirgil Dupras6+27-17
2022-06-05 02:03cc: add multiplication and binop precedence rulesVirgil Dupras7+27-28
2022-06-05 00:13cc: rework the tree structureVirgil Dupras6+169-86
2022-06-04 19:40Add build manifestVirgil Dupras1+13-0
2022-06-04 19:12arch: add the "init" layer and move rdln from boot to /sys/rdln.fsVirgil Dupras4+37-26
2022-06-04 19:04Allow recursive f<< callsVirgil Dupras3+17-14
2022-06-04 18:37Decouple raw lnxcalls in boot from their "curfd" counterpartsVirgil Dupras2+11-7
2022-06-04 17:09Decouple f<< from rdlnVirgil Dupras4+12-7
2022-06-04 14:27Add "lnxcall" native word and move fopen and f< to boot.fsVirgil Dupras3+22-51
2022-06-04 12:44cc: extract tree.fs from ast.fs and rename "element" to "node"Virgil Dupras5+119-109
2022-06-04 11:59cc: add +Virgil Dupras4+10-10
2022-06-04 00:58cc: add binary opsVirgil Dupras7+145-33
2022-06-03 17:48cc: rework the ast a bitVirgil Dupras4+25-10
2022-06-03 15:28cc: begin implementing unary opsVirgil Dupras6+84-37
2022-06-03 13:10Move testasm.fs and testcc.fs to the test suiteVirgil Dupras7+27-31
2022-06-03 12:59Add tests as well as a new str.fs libraryVirgil Dupras6+64-1
2022-06-03 12:24Add some architecture documentationVirgil Dupras4+100-1
2022-06-03 11:30cc: move source files in their own "cc" folderVirgil Dupras6+166-166
2022-06-03 11:23cc: simplify code generation wordsVirgil Dupras1+31-23
2022-06-03 10:42cc: Simplify ccast.fsVirgil Dupras4+73-49
2022-06-02 20:30TIL about x86's SETccVirgil Dupras1+13-11
2022-06-02 17:49cc: liftoff! (add asm.fs)Virgil Dupras2+70-0
2022-06-02 14:17Update READMEVirgil Dupras1+25-19
2022-06-02 13:38cc: begin asm generationVirgil Dupras5+41-14
2022-06-02 12:43cc: Add parsing to ccastVirgil Dupras7+84-28
2022-06-02 10:50Add [compile] and abort"Virgil Dupras1+2-0
2022-06-02 10:30cc: add AST structuresVirgil Dupras3+66-0
2022-06-01 23:30C compiler, baby first stepsVirgil Dupras4+33-3
2022-06-01 20:22Simplify in< by removing in<?Virgil Dupras5+53-32
2022-06-01 18:54Make guarding A systematicVirgil Dupras1+19-15
2022-06-01 17:58cleanupVirgil Dupras2+3-9
2022-06-01 17:51Make "word" not use in>Virgil Dupras2+6-9
2022-06-01 17:51Add readfileVirgil Dupras2+305-261
2022-06-01 17:51Add lshift/rshift and a complete set of hex formattersVirgil Dupras2+17-4
2022-06-01 17:51Slight change of planVirgil Dupras2+9-46
2022-06-01 17:51Playing around with fork() waitpid() and execve()Virgil Dupras4+49-3
2022-06-01 17:51README: a little note about TTY configurationVirgil Dupras2+9-6
2022-06-01 17:51Properly detect stack underflowVirgil Dupras1+4-4
2022-06-01 17:51Through (wnf) and (psufl), move a few words from kernel to bootVirgil Dupras5+31-12
2022-06-01 17:51Transition to x86 asm completeVirgil Dupras5+25-79
2022-06-01 17:51We have a winner!Virgil Dupras4+134-27
2022-06-01 17:51Seriously, I'm really getting there...Virgil Dupras8+24-626
2022-06-01 17:51Aaaaaalmost there!Virgil Dupras5+20-12
2022-06-01 17:51Almost there!Virgil Dupras5+131-80
2022-06-01 17:51Add a bunch of wordsVirgil Dupras4+30-2
2022-06-01 17:51Add parseVirgil Dupras4+77-37
2022-06-01 17:51Add a bunch of wordsVirgil Dupras4+33-4
2022-06-01 17:51Add string literalsVirgil Dupras3+19-5
2022-06-01 17:51Add a bunch of wordsVirgil Dupras4+77-5
2022-06-01 17:51Put all assembler source in the same fileVirgil Dupras27+223-252
2022-06-01 17:51Add stypeVirgil Dupras4+19-3
2022-06-01 17:51Add 1+ 1- c@ c! @ ! + -Virgil Dupras12+52-3
2022-06-01 17:51Add sysval const syscellVirgil Dupras4+25-3
2022-06-01 17:51Add value and constantVirgil Dupras6+80-12
2022-06-01 17:51Add A register wordsVirgil Dupras12+92-13
2022-06-01 17:51Add PS management wordsVirgil Dupras7+37-10
2022-06-01 17:51Plugging xcomp into the mixVirgil Dupras8+179-15
2022-06-01 17:51add dupVirgil Dupras3+11-1
2022-06-01 17:51Add emitVirgil Dupras5+27-15
2022-06-01 17:51Begin adding dict structure to asm wordsVirgil Dupras5+29-13
2022-06-01 17:51nasm branch: first stepsVirgil Dupras3+35-0
2022-06-01 17:51Little asm.py cleanupVirgil Dupras1+0-9
2022-06-01 17:51Move a bunch of words from kernel to boot.fsVirgil Dupras2+26-20
2022-06-01 17:51Make (br) and (?br) into opwrite wordsVirgil Dupras2+8-7
2022-06-01 17:51Move a bunch of words from core to boot.fsVirgil Dupras2+19-19
2022-06-01 17:51boot.fs: implement () commentsVirgil Dupras2+15-4
2022-06-01 17:51Straigten out flow control during XT compilationVirgil Dupras4+22-11
2022-06-01 17:51Make A register words nativeVirgil Dupras4+31-14
2022-06-01 17:51Make RS-related word into compiling wordsVirgil Dupras2+18-1
2022-06-01 17:51asm: give compiled words a higher priority than opsVirgil Dupras4+36-36
2022-06-01 17:51Replace asm.py's splitnativewords with explicit declarations in xcomp.txtVirgil Dupras5+41-31
2022-06-01 17:51Move rdln$ to boot.fsVirgil Dupras3+2-8
2022-06-01 17:51Add boot.fsVirgil Dupras7+165-132
2022-06-01 17:51Implement ":" wordVirgil Dupras5+47-8
2022-06-01 17:51README: design consideration - build from source on the flyVirgil Dupras1+45-10
2022-06-01 17:51Add interpret loopVirgil Dupras4+146-29
2022-06-01 17:51Implement wordVirgil Dupras4+31-9
2022-06-01 17:51Add rdlnVirgil Dupras5+95-28
2022-06-01 17:51Add toVirgil Dupras4+29-7
2022-06-01 17:51Add value mechanismVirgil Dupras4+54-23
2022-06-01 17:51Generalize label systemVirgil Dupras2+17-4
2022-06-01 17:51Add branches, stype and string literalVirgil Dupras5+117-24
2022-06-01 17:51Allow calling subword. Also, this Forth is STC now.Virgil Dupras4+12-11
2022-06-01 17:51Add word definitions and jumpsVirgil Dupras6+54-18
2022-06-01 17:51Add asm.py to make forth.bin assembly easierVirgil Dupras6+39-5
2022-06-01 17:51First steps with a Forth VMVirgil Dupras4+113-0
2022-06-01 17:51Let's get this started!Virgil Dupras2+702-0