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diff --git a/fs/doc/file.txt b/fs/doc/file.txt @@ -201,3 +201,17 @@ capabilities to a memory buffer. It extends File with those words: :ptr ( hdl -- a ) Address corresponding to current position. + +## File loading shortcuts + +Feeding the Forth intepreter with the contents of a file is something you'll +want to do fairly often, which might not sit well with the verbosity of Path's +API. A shortcut to finding a Path and then loading it is "f<<". This word, +followed by a path to load in the input stream, with call :fload on that path. + +It happens frequently that some piece of code depends on some other so we want +to load these files first. However, some units are depended upon by more than +one units and we don't want to load these pieces of code twice. To this end, +whenever a file is loaded, we record its ID in a linked list to remember we +loaded it. If you use the "?f<<" word instead of "f<<", the specified file will +be loaded only if it wasn't already loaded. diff --git a/fs/doc/usage.txt b/fs/doc/usage.txt @@ -1,5 +1,8 @@ # Dusk OS usage +Warning: this OS is not usable yet. It lacks many convenience words would make +it usable. But still, it can do many nice tricks... + Dusk OS is a Forth that generally follow conventions described in "Starting Forth" by Leo Brodie, except that words are lowercase. If you don't know Forth, it's recommended that you start there. @@ -403,3 +406,10 @@ redirectable output" word. The basic Dusk console, the sys/rdln subsystem, inserts itself between "key" and "stdin". It feeds itself from key and provides line editing capabilities. When a whole line is ready to be interpreted, it is fed to stdin. + +## Loading files + +Dusk's interpreter can be fed with the contents of files through various words +such as :fload, f<< and ?f<<. Refer to doc/file. + +If you want to compile C source files, you'll want to look at doc/cc.