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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -135,9 +135,41 @@ done. Development happens on [sourcehut][3]. Unlike Collapse OS which is a personal effort and doesn't lend itself well to -collaboration, Dusk OS' wider scope makes it fitting for a collaborative effort. +collaboration, Dusk OS' wider scope makes it fitting for a collective effort. Let's discuss this on its [public mailing list][4]. +## Collective effort + +Collapse OS is specifically a personal effort and I don't accept contributions +to it because its narrow scope makes the project very opinionated. I'm not +willing to make compromises on those opinions, so I prefer to go alone. This +works only because of the narrow scope. + +Dusk OS has a wider scope and is likely to stay incomplete without a collective +effort. Therefore, my stance is different here, I'm open to compromise. + +I began accepting patches, but faced a problem: I apply double standards to +patch reviews. On the one hand, I don't want to accept patches that I consider +sloppy, but on the other hand, I have no clear guidelines for external +contributions and, worst of all, I do commit, sometimes, some sloppy code +myself because I sometimes want to move fast and I'm unsure whether that code +will stay as is. + +So, when comes the time to review, I am in a weak position to require high code +quality and I can hardly reject code that works: people have been pouring work +in this. Each time I accept such patch, I weaken the code and I don't like it. + +All of this to say: please wait a bit. I'm trying to reach "liftoff" conditions +for the project and I'm too excited to reach it so I don't document and I +allow myself some sloppiness from time to time. When this rocket has lifted off, +(when it's self-hosting, bare metal and has a C compiler that can begin to take +a part of the "complexity load" of the system), then I'll go with a +consolidation phase and the project will be ready to really become collective. + +Meanwhile, I'm very open to discussions, comments, debates, questions. I would +even say that I'm not closed to patches, as long as you're aware of the fact +that I apply double standards until liftoff. + ## Build and run To build Dusk OS, you need: