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diff --git a/REFS.md b/REFS.md @@ -0,0 +1,30 @@ +# Documentation references + +Developing drivers for modern hardware is different than for developing for old +ones. In a way, it's simpler because modern hardware's configuration is mostly +done in software and many conventions seem to have emerged over the years, +making developing drivers for a wide list of devices rather easy. + +But on the other side, reference documentation is lacking. With old hardware, +you often have one or two documents that will give you all you need to know +about a piece of hardware. With modern hardware, documents are scattered. + +Luckily, people have been collating information about it and this helps +immensely. This is a list of references I've been using for Dusk. + +First, there's of course [OSDev][osdev], which is very nice because it contains +information on a very wide number of subjects, but at the same time, it's often +lacking in depth. In many areas, wiki pages are more like a receipe than a +proper explanation. But I can't spit on it, I use it. Moreover, wiki pages have +references to proper documentation, and that's where the real deal is, so it's +a very good starting point. + +Other than OSDev, this is the list of references that have been particularly +helpful: + +* [FreeVGA][freevga] +* [Ralph Brown's x86 interrupt list][ralphint] + +[osdev]: https://wiki.osdev.org/ +[freevga]: http://www.osdever.net/FreeVGA/home.htm +[ralphint]: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ralf/files.html