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Update README to show what Dusk can do

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -153,9 +153,14 @@ higher cognitive space to fit BSD/Linux wider abstractions in your mind. * AHCI controllers * Floppy controllers * PC COM ports + * VESA in graphical mode + * PS/2 mouse support * Can read, write and boot from FAT12/FAT16 (no FAT32 for now) volumes. * Can create new FAT12 volumes. * It completely self-hosts on all its target (only PC for now) machines. +* Did I mention that the *whole* code for Dusk OS and its ported applications + (excluding docs and test code) is less than 11K lines of code and that DuskCC + is less than 1400 lines of code? List of ported C codebases: @@ -212,6 +217,30 @@ To run Dusk on an actual machine, what you can do is to write it directly to a USB key (`dd if=pc.img of=/dev/sdX`) and then boot from that key in "Legacy BIOS" mode. +### See what it can do + +Dusk OS on the PC has graphical capabilities as well as [varvara][varvara] +bindings for it. If you have QEMU installed, you can try a few little things on +it. First, start the QEMU VM with `make pcrun`. Then, enter this: + + f<< tests/manual/uxn/sprite.fs + +This will: + +1. Compile DuskCC (in forth) +2. Compile uxn (in C) +3. Compile uxntal (the uxn assembler) (in C) +4. Compile varvara (in forth) +5. Compile `tests/manual/uxn/sprite.tal` (a copy of the official `screen.tal`) +6. Put the system in graphical mode +7. Run the compiled `sprite.tal` + +You now have it running. There is also a mouse cursor that you can move around. +Press Escape to return to prompt. You can try the same thing with: + +* `tests/manual/uxn/mandel.fs` +* `tests/manual/uxn/ctrl.fs` + [collapseos]: http://collapseos.org [coswhy]: http://collapseos.org/why.html [creative]: http://collapseos.org/why.html#creative @@ -226,4 +255,5 @@ BIOS" mode. [duskcc]: fs/doc/cc/index.txt [fiwix]: https://www.fiwix.org [uxn]: https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/uxn.html +[varvara]: https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/varvara.html [zlib]: https://github.com/madler/zlib