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Update the annotation section and add a new idea: accelerators.

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diff --git a/NEXTSTEPS.md b/NEXTSTEPS.md @@ -6,38 +6,25 @@ improve in periphery of that main effort. ## Word annotations I'd like documentation about words to be in-system and this could be done with -an annotation system. We would add a new 4b field to the dict entry and this -would be a link to an annotation structure or 0 if none. +an annotation system. The annotation system is already there, we would need to +populate those annotations. -What would be nice is that because non-static C functions are Forth words, -annotations would work for them too. +Then, it's a matter of developing a nice interactive application to navigate +words and see their associated documentation. -Another idea I have is that this annotation system could automatically pick up -comments around the word. Example: +### Argspecs - \ This is a docstring - : myword ( a b -- c d ) \ this was an argspec - ; +Right now, only one type of annotation is there, the docstring. However, another +type of annotation would be useful, argspecs. To have comments like ( a b -- n ) +be in a separate structure is not only for better doc formatting, it's also that +it will eventually be essential for C code to call Forth words. Because the C +compiler has to know the signature of a word to properly call it, we'll need +that argpec annotation to have a "machine-readable" structure. -Word from kernel and boot don't have annotations, but what sys/annotate.fs -could do is add annotations for all kernel+boot words at load time. It could -also override ( and \ word so that they copy the contents of the comments -somewhere instead of discarding them so that they can be processed for -annotations. +## Accelerators -Structure: - -1b annotation type -3b element length -4b next annotation element or 0 - -Types: - -ARGSPEC -a list of parameters and return values. A machine-readable equivalent to -stuff like "( a b -- c d )". Could be used by the C compiler to check -argument list. - -DOCSTRING -Documentation text for the word. Could be printed (along with ARGSPEC) by words -like "doc myword". +It would be fun if assemblers were leveraged early in the boot process to +accelerate some core words. For example, it could override the "+" word into an +immediate that emits `eax [ebp] mov, ebp 4 i32 add, [ebp] eax add,`, or even +better, that detects if the last compiled word was a literal and replace that +literal with `[ebp] (replaced literal) i32 add,`.