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doc: Document "parens" words

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diff --git a/fs/doc/arch.txt b/fs/doc/arch.txt @@ -141,3 +141,37 @@ a subsystem. For example, sys/scratch is centered around a buffer which can vary in size depending on what the sysop wants. + +# Parens words () + +At the core of each kernel is a set of words that all have their name wrapped +inside parentheses, such as (br), (val), etc. These words are designed to not +be called directly, but compiled inside a definite structure. These structures +are documented here: + +(cell): Compiled by "create", a call to this word pushes the current PC to PS +and then returns. + +(val): Compiled by "value", it works like a (cell), but instead of pushing the +address to PS, it reads the 4b value there and pushes that instead. It also +obeys "to" semantics. + +(alias): Compiled by "alias", it works like a (val), but it jumps to the address +read. Also obeys "to" semantics. + +(does): Compiled by "doer", it's a hybrid between (alias) and (cell). It pushes +PC+4 to PS, but also reads the 4b int at PC+0 and jumps to its address. + +(s): A string literal, compiled by S". It pushes PC+1 to PS, which is the +address of the first character of the string. Then, it reads the byte at PC+0, +which is the length of the string, and pushes it to PS. + +(br): Compiled by "again" and "else", it's an unconditional branch. It works +like (alias), but ignores "to" semantics. + +(?br): Compiled by "if" and "until", a conditional branch. It pops from PS and +if the popped value is zero, branches exactly like (br). Otherwise, it continues +to PC+4. + +(next): Compiled by "next". Decreases RS TOS by one. If zero is reached, pop it +from RS and continue to PC+4. If not, branch like (br).