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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -106,16 +106,8 @@ give you ample wiggling space for your hacking session. To be clear: this is also possible with a custom made BSD or Linux, but you're going to have to strip a lot of pieces from your distro before you get there and some of those pieces might be useful debugging tools which will be -difficult to retrofit because they need a wider system. - -For example, you could imagine some kind of setup where you start your kernel -with a shell as your init(1) so that you don't have any other service running. -This could work. But then, how exactly are you going to do the poking? Compile -a custom made assembler or C source file? You need disk access for that. In -Dusk, every piece of logic loaded from mass storage stays in global memory, -ready to be used without any I/O involved. You can mess with your driver words, -experiment, poke, you're in control. Just take care of not permanently frying -your hardware... +difficult to retrofit because they need a wider system. You'll also need a +higher cognitive space to fit BSD/Linux wider abstractions in your mind. ## Roadmap