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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ serve those sites over http(s) and Gemini Flounder is in ALPHA -- development and features are changing frequently, especially as the Gemini spec and ecosystem remains relatively unstable. -See the flagship instance at https://flounder.online and +See the flagship instance at [https://flounder.online](https://flounder.online) and [gemini://flounder.online](gemini://flounder.online) ## Building and running locally Requirements: @@ -41,11 +41,9 @@ use on demand certificates for all domains, and you can skip step 2. However, for a larger deployment, you'll have to set up a wildcard cert. Wildcard certs are a bit of a pain and difficult to do automatically, depending on your DNS provider. For information on doing this via Caddy, you can follow -this guide: -https://caddy.community/t/how-to-use-dns-provider-modules-in-caddy-2/8148. +[this guide](https://caddy.community/t/how-to-use-dns-provider-modules-in-caddy-2/8148.) -For information on using certbot to manage wildcard certs, see this guide: -https://letsencrypt.org/docs/challenge-types/#dns-01-challenge +For information on using certbot to manage wildcard certs, see [this guide](https://letsencrypt.org/docs/challenge-types/#dns-01-challenge) An example simple Caddyfile using on-demand certs is available in Caddyfile.example