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commit f4e52c38b273814b3f916b0aab71900f56816123
parent 7733ece1a7dc48ff5c9da29aaeade4bbdd529ab2
Author: alex wennerberg <alex@alexwennerberg.com>
Date:   Thu,  4 Feb 2021 18:43:27 -0800

Add registration note.

Mtemplates/register.html | 3+++
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/templates/register.html b/templates/register.html @@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ </div> <label for="reference">How did you find {{.Config.SiteTitle}}? Did an existing user invite you, if so, whom? Could you provide a link to your website or social media?</label> <textarea id="reference" name="reference" class="textform" rows=4 required></textarea> + <p> + Your account will be approved by the admin before you can log in. I should get back to you within a day at the email you provided. + </p> <div class="error">{{ range .Errors}}{{.}}<br>{{end}} </div> <div> <input