[UNMAINTAINED] Activitypub server in Rust
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Add notes to admin guide

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diff --git a/docs/ADMIN_GUIDE.md b/docs/ADMIN_GUIDE.md @@ -30,3 +30,12 @@ I would recommend following basic Linux syadmin best practices: disable password ## Passwordless local deployment Don't do this on the public internet, it is a bad idea and will only lead to ruin! Seriously, don't do it. + +## Federation + +ActivityPub varies across servers. Some functionality may not work with other AP servers. Examples of things that may break include: + +* HTML tags that aren't supported getting sanitized +* A different key algorithm being used for HTML signatures +* Custom service-specific activitypub features +* AP features supported by their server but not Gourami (Gourami is extremely limited in its interpretation of ActivityPub)