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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,25 +1,42 @@ -gourami +# Gourami An intentionally small, ultra-lightweight social media network (ActivityPub integration TBD) -## Philosophy +## Philosophy and Design -Read [this document](https://git.sr.ht/~alexwennerberg/gourami-social/tree/master/PHILOSOPHY.md) +Gourami differs from existing social networks in a number of ways: +* Intentionally small -- designed to support 50-100 active users. I'm sure it could support more, but things could quickly become a mess. +* Invite-only and closed -- a community curated by the server admin, rather than open to all. +* Extremely lightweight & fast -- very little Javascript, plain text, small page sizes. Should run on extremely lightweight/cheap hardware and low-bandwidth networks. +* [Brutalist](https://brutalist-web.design/) -- Stark and minimal, the design and interface should emphasize, rather than hide, the underlying building blocks of the web that comprise it. This will give Gourami a feel similar to 90s or 2000s web forums. +* Simple and feature-averse -- A simpler Gourami is much easier for me to develop, support and maintain. I want Gourami to be reliable software that people can build communities on top of, and severely limiting the feature set makes that much easier. -* Invite-only -* Closed by default +Some goals of this project that are work in progress: +* Support for [ActivityPub](https://activitypub.rocks/) federation +* Authentication-free mode: For deployment on private networks, such as on a local wireless network. +* Additional accessibility features + +Read [this document](https://git.sr.ht/~alexwennerberg/gourami-social/tree/master/PHILOSOPHY.md) for more ## Dependencies: -sqlite3 +* sqlite3 +* sqlite3-dev ## Installation -### Through Docker +[Install Rustup](https://doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/getting-started/installation.html) or Cargo -TBD +Clone this repository. + +Run `cargo install --path .` -### Otherwise +Set environment variables (todo -- add more details) +Run the local server with `gourami_social run` ## Deployment + +Get a Linux box and configure it + +TBD