[UNMAINTAINED] Activitypub server in Rust
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Author: alex wennerberg <alex@alexwennerberg.com>
Date:   Mon,  4 May 2020 18:17:02 -0500

Move server link from sr.ht to GitHub

DTODO | 44--------------------------------------------
Mtemplates/server_info.html | 2+-
2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 45 deletions(-)

diff --git a/TODO b/TODO @@ -1,44 +0,0 @@ -v0.1.0 goals: sharing with a small community - -NOTES - -https://flak.tedunangst.com/post/ActivityPub-as-it-has-been-understood - -major -Federation / ActivityPub -retryeets -DMs with expiration on read? - -minor -Add limit of 255 characters for usernames and other limits to get urls to render -dotenv setup -file attachments - -Webfinger - -Cite this https://git.cypr.io/oz/autolink-rust/src/branch/master/src/lib.rs - -authentication -https://github.com/messense/otpauth-rs - -Audit log -- https://meta.sr.ht/security - -https://github.com/rustodon/rustodon -https://github.com/Plume-org/Plume.git -microblog -honk https://flak.tedunangst.com/post/honk-preview -https://flak.tedunangst.com/post/honk - -add code of conduct - -Add AGPL and reference influences: - -https://github.com/rustodon/rustodon -mastodon itself -https://github.com/tsileo/microblog.pub - -RSS/atom - -API -compile with or without certain features - diff --git a/templates/server_info.html b/templates/server_info.html @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ <div class="text-block padded"> Welcome to the alpha instance of Gourami! Expect many changes in the future. Right now, all notes are on a shared timeline visible to all users on this instance. I welcome feedback and feature requests. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs! <br> - Check out <a href="https://git.sr.ht/~alexwennerberg/gourami-social/tree/master/PHILOSOPHY.md">this document</a> where I discuss some of the design principles and goals of Gourami. + Check out <a href="https://github.com/alexwennerberg/gourami/blob/master/PHILOSOPHY.md">this document</a> where I discuss some of the design principles and goals of Gourami. <br> This instance is invite-only. Contact me to get an invite URL if you want to invite someone. Posts are not visible except to users on this instance, unless they are shared with the "neighborhood", the network of users and other servers networked with this server. Here is a list of those servers: (TBD) <br>