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diff --git a/spec.txt b/spec.txt @@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Nanomail ideas A lighter-weight email replacement +Deliberitly limited in scope for personal, text-based communication + Server runs on port 1999 Client requests from a list of servers to get mail @@ -23,9 +25,13 @@ Which fetches the public keyy and validates the signature If key validation works, server will respond with emails, one per FETCH request: - Type: (mimetype) - Subject: (something) - (byte stream) + From: sally.example + To: bob.example + Subject: My Email + + # Example email + UTF-8 characters, Following gemini text format: + => https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/specification.gmi Or, if there is no mail to be received: @@ -36,3 +42,12 @@ Client is responsible for pulling mesages from everyone they are communicating w Encryption is out of scope, use something else for encrypted messages Delivery is exactly-once + +No group messages. You can copy a message to send it to multiple people. Like +physical mail. Mailing list implementation would be a separate server + + +### Client-server communication + +How do you send mail? +