[UNMAINTAINED] A cgit/webgit alternative, written in Rust
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ The simplest way to accept patches is through [git-send-email](https://git-scm.c Like a lot of git software, a lot of email software, like public-inbox and [hyperkitty]( are ancient C/Perl programs with certain disadvantages. I think [sourcehut]('s mailing list is a great example of a modern, easy-to-use mailing list software, but in addition to being challenging to self-host, also has some highly opinionated design decisions, like blocking all html emails, even multipart ones, and using a tilde in the mailing list address, which not all providers support. -This project is on until I can get it self-hosted. Here is the ticket tracker: +This project is on until I can get it self-hosted. +* [ticket tracker]( +* [patches]( ## Design