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2022-04-24 04:49README -> markdownalex wennerberg2+23-26
2022-04-23 08:41fix invalid parsing of invalid html entitiesAyrat Badykov2+10-8
2022-01-18 20:41Cleanup readmealex wennerberg1+4-3
2022-01-17 18:39No longer a line for line rewritealex wennerberg1+1-1
2022-01-17 18:29word wrap licensealex wennerberg1+15-3
2022-01-13 02:09Bump version to v0.1.2alex wennerberg2+2-2
2022-01-13 02:08Remove comment -- this is no longer a line for line rewritealex wennerberg1+0-2
2022-01-13 01:05refactor tests to have meaningful namesJohann1501+126-102
2022-01-13 01:05improve API documentationJohann1501+13-0
2022-01-13 01:05refactor core parserJohann1501+120-144
2022-01-12 21:47rewrite is_bad_tag with matches! macroJohann1501+6-8
2022-01-12 21:39make several functions more conciseJohann1501+69-75
2022-01-12 21:19clean up decode_named_entityJohann1502+29-8
2022-01-12 20:50format entities list with cargo fmtJohann1501+2027-2027
2022-01-09 01:16Fix plaintext readme for crates.ioalex wennerberg3+3-3
2022-01-09 01:09update contributingalex wennerberg1+3-4
2022-01-07 05:08edit readmealex wennerberg1+11-5
2022-01-06 18:53Update READMEalex wennerberg1+3-5
2022-01-06 18:52compiler warningalex wennerberg1+1-1
2022-01-06 18:51Update cargo.toml for publicationalex wennerberg1+5-0
2022-01-06 18:46Allow unicode URLsalex wennerberg1+3-3
2022-01-06 18:43notesalex wennerberg1+1-1
2022-01-06 18:36add contributing instructionsalex wennerberg1+7-0
2022-01-06 18:13I think this is a bug fixalex wennerberg1+1-3
2022-01-06 17:59move src/main to src/lib, fix bugsalex wennerberg2+352-346
2022-01-06 17:38Add licensealex wennerberg1+7-0
2022-01-06 17:37Update readmealex wennerberg1+3-1
2022-01-06 17:36bad tag bug fixalex wennerberg1+2-2
2022-01-06 16:54fix html entity parsingalex wennerberg1+2-2
2022-01-06 16:39Add link supportalex wennerberg1+88-2
2022-01-05 18:12Extend and add unit testsalex wennerberg1+147-7
2022-01-04 15:54Add numeric entity parsingalex wennerberg1+42-5
2022-01-03 20:58add entity encoding/decodingalex wennerberg2+2050-1
2022-01-03 17:57rewriting more codealex wennerberg1+40-6
2022-01-03 16:57Update README, get startedalex wennerberg6+54-6
2021-12-19 16:55Initial commitalex wennerberg4+15-0